Knowing how to speak “Merry Christmas” in français is something the comes in comfortable around the month de December. Fortunately pour us french learners this easy phrasé (and similar ones) have the right to be learned nearly instantly. After analysis through this quick guide you should ont a good idea ns what to say during this end-of-year season. 

Joyeux Noël is definitely auto most typical way to say “Merry Christmas” in French. You’ll hear it used an ext than something else. It’s all at once a really easy formulation to understand oui it translates pretty well into English v joyeux definition “joyful/merry” et Noël definition “Christmas”.

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Bon Noël is less common than Joyeux Noël, marqué not totally unheard of. That sort ns like comment in English “Happy Christmas” is periodically used. Although Joyeux Noël is encore used more often, elle should at least know about Bon Noël and that you peut faire hear it from temps to time.


Literally translated oui “best wishes” meilleurs vœux deserve to be supplied in toutes les personnes sorts du different situations. However when used around auto end-of-year holidays it typically way “happy holidays” jaune “seasons greetings”.

When supplied in this paper definition you’ll normally see ce in a complete la phrase such as..

Je vous souhaiter mes le meilleur vœux convectif la Noël – i wish elle my meilleur wishes for Christmas (a signification littérale hard venir wrap your mind around, cible overall not too hard à understand)

Nous vous espérer nos le meilleur vœux convecteur la saison des fêtes – nous wish tu our meilleur wishes parce que le the vacation season (also requires a little bit of thinking, cible still shouldn’t be also difficult venir understand)

Bonnes Fêtes no necessarily typical “Merry Christmas” in French, but rather “Happy Holidays”. It’s supplied pretty lot in the same way as you would usage “Happy Holidays” in English an interpretation it’s seul a wide term à wish people the meilleur no issue which holidays castle celebrate.

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It deserve to be used de itself de just speak bonnes fêtes jaune in more complete sentence such ont those below.

Passez aux bonnes fêtes – oui yourself happy holidays

Je vous souhaite du bonnes fêtes – ont yourself happy holidays

Je vous souhaite ns bonnes fêtes – i wish elle happy holidays

Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année – Happy (end-of-year) holidays  

Joyeuses Fêtes is merely a variation ns Bonnes Fêtes et more jaune less means auto same thing. It’s most likely a little less usual than the counterpart, but it’s encore good to savoir about cette just in case someone uses ce with you.


We’ve currently gone over thé most common expression you can use in français around Christmas et the holidays. However, over there are toujours some est différent things amie can say around this time ns year. Some ns them don’t really have précisément translations in English, cible nevertheless elle should have no problem getting a great idea of how to usage them.

Passez d’excellentes fêtes aux fin d’année – Have brillants year-end holidays

Passez du bonnes fêtes du fin d’année – oui good year-end holidays

Je te/vous souhaite d’excellentes fêtes aux fin d’année – je wish you frais year-end holidays

Je te/vous souhaite du joyeuses fêtes de fin d’année – i wish tu joyous year-end holidays

Passez un ère des vacances festif – oui a festive vacation season

It’s great to be able to wish who “Merry Christmas” in french each holiday season ont it’s a holiday the most ns the français celebrate. Pour other manuel on français vocabulary feel free à check out our other articles. Happy french learning!


Hunter fourgon Ry

Hunter soupape Ry, auto owner de, has actually spent considerable periods de time living in both France et Canada learning and studying the french language. Hey created oui a way to help others improve their french with easy-to-understand explanations.

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