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James bond songs have always been an important element de the 007 legacy, et No temps To Die is specifically important oui it is Daniel Craig’s critical outing as the suave spy. The song that has been matched with auto upcoming movie is also called “No time To Die,” et it to be recorded par 19-year-old sensation billie Eilish et her brother Finneas. Elle is auto youngest singer to sing année original James bond song, and the tons to be videotaped in a bedroom studio. Follow to thé track’s producer, the song wasn’t originally approved by bond himself.

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Stephen Lipson is a UK producer who operated with gamelle Eilish et Finneas conditions météorologiques “No temps To Die,” et while speaking with musique Week, he shared thé process hey went with to get Daniel craig happy with auto theme song. In his words:

I inquiry Finneas and Billie à give me a climactic vocal instants which gamelle wasn’t too certain about, but when i heard it je knew it would deliver. Most significativement was gaining Daniel’s approval. Ns finished auto mix and everybody was happy marqué we encore had to volonté Daniel nous board. From auto start, quite understandably, cette wasn’t all that sure that the song delivered auto right emotional apogée for his final saut outing, soja satisfying him to be key. Ns delivered the mix and Barbara , that was more than happy, called moi to say the Daniel to be coming à London et we needed venir play cette to him. Ns suggested that hey come to ma studio oui I knew that, compared to any divers location, ce was without doubt the meilleur sonic atmosphere in which venir hear it.

At a life listen, Daniel craig wasn’t sold on “No temps To Die,” soja Stephen Lipson recalled inviting the actor into his london studio to volonté a meilleur listen of the song. Cette continued:

It to be agreed that he’d come to the studio conditions météorologiques the complying with Sunday, so nous the designated day ns got in a couple of hours before Barbara et Daniel were due to venir just to make sure cette sounded ont good ont it could. Listening to it ont if ns was Daniel, i realised that the apogée needed à be substantial so je spent some temps massaging the mix so that, without any perceivable change, ce was really much louder at that point. Ns then set auto volume du the souper so that it was pretty muscular, discovering that the apogée would it is in earth-shattering. Lock arrived, i sat Daniel in thé chair between auto speakers, hit play et waited pour his response. When the song finished cette didn’t look at up but asked à hear ce once more. Barbara et I had no idea how hey felt until the end ns his second listening, when he looked increase at me and said other like, ‘That’s fucking amazing.’ as soon ont he’d approved it the wheel were collection in motion et the nouvelles that gamelle Eilish to be doing the bond theme song appeared everywhere.

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It’s a great story. Daniel crainder may have needed a bit of convincing, and the surveiller itself had a de nombreux of different iterations, cible in thé end, thé work payment off. According to thé Grammy-nominated producer, the souper took over three months à finish, et soon cette will be auto title souper people hear and remember in association to Daniel Craig’s last temps playing 007. It has currently won a grammy for best Song Written parce que le Visual Media, et it could go to the oscars next. Elle can inspect out billie Eilish’s latest performance de the souper at the life Is Beautiful bien sur in ras Vegas critical week:

Billie Eilish et Finneas commemorated their song at the london premiere of No temps To Die nous Tuesday, which carried them ensemble with auto cast du the film, et British royals. No time To Die has been met with a accentue of positif reviews, consisting of’s own nom de garçon Reyes, who referred to as the film a “perfect ending” venir Craig’s héritage in his five-star review.

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