Nike Free Rn Flyknit Running Shoes

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You can run long in these if you want, but I would not recommend it. These shoes perform. They just don"t perform at long distances. If you’re looking for a shoe that will provide you with everyday comfort & use, that you can throw in every now & then for speed work, GET IT. You’ll love it.



The knit material is awesome!

As you begin to kiểm tra out the upper, you will see that it’s the highlight of the shoe.

The knit upper fits lượt thích a glove & is greatly flexible. They have also done a solid job with integrating the FlyWire lace system khổng lồ bring some sense of support on the upper.


Snug và highly recommended for warm days

The lacing system is great và allows for a snug fit, as well as bringing tư vấn to the highly flexible upper. These are great for hot temperatures. The breathability is solid and is highly recommended during summer days.

Great cushion feel in the miễn phí RN Flyknit 2017

The midsole is a solid part of the shoe as well. It brings a great cushion feel when walking and running. As you move around in these, you will feel a mild arch that gives support which is a much-appreciated feature.


The Nike không tính tiền RN Flyknit 2017 brings an 8mm drop like the previous models which was right in my sweet spot. As you know, these are F. The flexibility & the soft cushion bring a very comfortable mixture.

This outsole is solid for mobility

In 2016, Nike free RN models were given this outsole; in 2017 the same outsole was continued. This outsole is solid for mobility. The groves allow for mobility in any direction.

On the negative side, the stones often get caught in the outsole. You have khổng lồ make a habit to take them out before each run. Also, the elimination of hard rubber brought on faster wear which is my biggest issue. The 2017 wear is notably better thanthe năm nhâm thìn but still, not great.

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It brings a great feel khổng lồ the road

So, "the feel" is usually the most important quality when I look for a great shoe. I have been an owner of Nike free shoes for over 10 years. It is hands down "the best feel shoe line" for me.

I love the way they allow you to connect with the ground. The feel of this model falls right in line as previous. This shoe brings on a sense of connection to the body. It has a very snug, sock-like fit which allows your foot to move unhindered in any direction.

It allows your foot musculature lớn work và therefore strengthen. In simplest terms, it feels like cushioned-barefoot.


The shoe brought on a solid experience the first 1-3 miles. See, your foot must work in order to perform in these. Your muscles work a lot, and after about 3 miles, my feet begin khổng lồ fatigue, và then these shoes feel sloppy with running.

If you have any pronation tendency more than mild, vì NOT get these shoes. You will feel very uncomfortable. These are for a neutral runner. If you are using them just for casual wear, that’s another story.

The feel was best for me with just walking. It feels like a cozy slipper - I love it!



As a tool, these are very high performers. In running, we need lớn have great foot strength. These shoes help develop that.

These perform perfectly under short, fast-paced runs/speedwork. They bring high speed and high mobility. I love to lớn use these for tốc độ work và have come fond of them for strength training as well.

These are great for off days as well. The cool thing about these is you can wear them casually and still be improving yourself. Everyday walking in these will develop strength in the foot. When I wear these, I feel better while running - It"s awesome!


I love it the best currently for casual wear - super comfySpeed work toolFor neutral runner - great for 5k"s


This shoe will always be dear lớn my heart, as it’s the shoe I wore for my first marathon. I have come lớn view this as a great shoe as long as it is used appropriately. It is not for marathons but is loved by me for daily casual wear.