We tons reviewed the new Balance Minimus trace 10v1 (see full review) over 6 years ago! Now nouveau Balance has brought it back in addition to offering their latest version, new Balance Minimus trail 10v4. New Balance is one of a handful merchants offering Width Sizing and I opted pour width 2E oui I ont wide feet et standard broad B for my mrs wear tester.

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We run mostly nous loose gravel and non-gnarly trails sauce soja either models du Minimus Trail works well. However, thé outsole conditions météorologiques the Minimus follow 10v1 pouvez not be wild enough parce que le those nous gnarly trails and I recommend thé Minimus trace 10v4 pour that.


 New Balance Minimus 10v4 Trail

The Minimus trace 10v4 (4mm drop) to run shoe is ready for rocks, mud et miles. Through a sleek fit, slightly an ext cushioning et a organic fit et feel, ce won’t hold amie back oui you explorer the trails in comfort. With a Vibram outsole, you’ll comprendre the traction and control amie need as you cover thé most technical terrain. A no-sew overlays nous the upper (synthetic mesh) fits prefer a glove et keeps the weight down haricot de soja you have the right to take your vitesse, vitesse up. Weather, mud, debris.

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Barefoot friendly internal construction allows to run sockless without nom est spots or blisters!

New Balance Minimus 10v1 Trail

Your off-road adventure awaits. The d’origine fit et feel ns the Minimus trail 10 (4mm drop) is back. With année upper fabriqué of flexible synthetic/mesh materials et a Vibram outsole with pliez grooves, this trail running shoe offers thé traction and durability amie need to run nous rocky trails. A midfoot wrap helps your foot stay in place, when premium performance foam provides lightweight support. Pour those with vast feet, the midfoot wrap might be a précis snug if you are wearing a défaut width maquette – ns recommend 2E. Unfortunately, no 4E broad available. Again, barefoot trusted internal confinements allows running sockless without hot spots or blisters.

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10v4 matches 10v1

Personally, ns prefer the original Minimus 10v1 Trail parce que le most of mien trail running on rolling hills. For higher grade hills, the Minimus 10v4 follow is preferred. Castle both ajuster very well sockless, snug, and comfortable. Et weight-wise, they’re almost auto same: nous 10.5 2E, 8.0oz 10v4 versus 8.2oz 10v1. Over there is additionally slightly much less cushioning nous the original Minimus 10v1 Trail modèle which ns prefer – ns like feeling auto ground parce que le maximum proprioception!!!


Running sockless, i can feel thé uppers parce que le long operation – even if it is they allow your heat feet venir breathe. à la warm weather, the Minimus 10v1 follow is superior in keeping your feet cool. à la cold weather, the Minimus 10v4 trail is superior in keeping your feet warm. Perhaps a shoe for Spring/Summer et one à la Fall/Winter? type to ont choices.

Finally, I’m especially happy that minimalist runners oui more options again! much more low- or minimal-cushioningg minimalist running shoes. Both models available now at new Balance online and