Need for speed hot pursuit remastered pc

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By David Jagneaux
They say si it ain’t broke, nothing fix cette – et 2010’s Need pour Speed: hot Pursuit definitely ain’t broke. On the one hand, Need à la Speed hot Pursuit Remastered is about as barebones ont remasters come: other than sprucing up thé visuals, including a couple of more decorate objects around the tracks, and introducing a garage pour showing off cars between events, there isn’t much surprising or new here. But on the other hand, that’s a super part du why this is a straightforward remaster done right, providing a much needed tune up et a new coat de paint to an already awesome arcade racer.

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Criterion jeux came the end swinging once EA first handed ce the rebuycialistd.coms to thé Need for Speed la franchise a te ago. Oui its first outing, hot Pursuit brought the sense du reckless speed et excitement the Criterion was known for from its burnout games, revitalizing thé Need for Speed series and still standing as one de its meilleur games. Ce says a de nombreux about just comment great ce is that, with minimal changes, hot Pursuit feels and plays just ont good today as it did earlier then.

What conditions météorologiques Said About thé Original

From ours November 2010 Need pour Speed: nom est Pursuit review par Ryan Geddes:

"Need parce que le Speed: nom est Pursuit is pure over-the-top control entertainment. The cars and environments are gorgeous, the crashes are spectacular, et the new Autolog feature breathes new tons into auto time-honored douaniers of video jeu competition amongst friends. Auto single-player gyeongju can end up being somewhat repetitive and there are some presentation issues, but overall, chaud Pursuit is a blast. Si you’re looking parce que le a high-octane racer the grabs on tight but doesn’t take it itself also seriously, offer this une a shot."

Score: 9/10

Part du what keeps it so good is how it excels sauce soja well at thé very details thing cette sets out venir do: romanticize fantastical et over-the-top là chases. There’s année overworld map v various places that oui you manage either street racers jaune cops, acting oui either the chased jaune the chaser, respectively, during any kind of given event. Oui you complete challenges and increase her bounty, tu slowly unlock new cars and new regions. That’s ce – over there are no upgrades à worry about or complex customization features. Pick a color and hit thé road. It’s the simple.

It additionally nails that breakable balance between looking incredibly gorgeous and realistic (even at blistering 200 MPH+ speeds) while additionally being easy à control v its arcade-style physics. Yes, you need to brake around corners and feather auto gas a little peu to catch the right drift nous turns, marqué it requires tarif less precision than something like Project CARS jaune Gran Turismo. Drifting roughly bends effortlessly, weaving in between opponents throughout a race, and just barely overtaking a cop car avant the next curve is a special brand de intensity that’s unmatched elsewhere. Yes something about nom est Pursuit's style and presentation that hearkens back to a simpler temps when racing jeux were seulement about racing with ne sont pas frills jaune filler – and without feeling like it’s missing features.

Hot quest hearkens back venir a simpler time when racers were seul about racing, non frills jaune filler.

Most events can be perfect in under five minutes, and some far quicker 보다 that. Those encompass straight up races, intercept occasions to suivre down rogue vehicles, car chases, et more. I’m no a huge la poêle of the cours “Preview” events, which generally boil down à having to aller time trial runs through a artaserse before elle unlock its actual events, marqué it does assist you volonté acclimated à that level’s turns. Ns particularly appreciated stages close to the côte with nice vistas jaune anything wet native rain since auto lighting et reflections are an excellent eye candy. Et if you just want à cruise around without stressing about thé competition, every an ar includes a Freeride option oui well.

One du the meilleur parts of nom est Pursuit is tous the little gadgets you importer access à during events, like spike strips elle can autumn behind you venir try and take out opponents or the roadway blocks amie can call in as a cop à slow down your target. Cultivation up on jeu like the d’origine 1998 chaud Pursuit nous the first PlayStation and the slew de racers ce influenced, such oui Burnout, trained me to enjoy recklessly ramming right into cars in all racing games. Sauce soja it’s frais to have de nouveau that encourages and rewards that behavior here.

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Need for Speed nom est Pursuit Remastered feels ont great as it did in 2010, et modernizes thé graphics just enough to make it look as good ont I remember the original looking at release on PlayStation 3 et Xbox 360. Marqué with little new here est différent than those boosted visuals et some nifty cosmetics additions, this is definitely the bare minimum expectation of a remaster. That’s a bit of a bummer as we head into année ambitious new generation of consoles this month, marqué Hot Pursuit toujours holds up ont a great jeu in its own right. Races are blistering fast, the car selection is mouth-watering, and the high-speed dances in between opposing cars never ever gets old.