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People come and go, the is auto way this world works. However, there room very few who leave such a lasting impact as can be seen also after castle are ne sont pas more v us. One such character is Naya Rivera Glee. In elle seemingly short life, she fabriqué a strong impact both within et outside her profession. Enough has been claimed about her tragic death, we se concentrer sur on elle life, achievements, and the marque she made in this world.

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Reading about sa teaches that it does no matter how long elle stay in this world, if you are honest à yourself et to your devoir you will certainly inspire a lot of souls that come after you.

Who was Naya Rivera?

Glee star, Naya marie Rivera, sometimes referred to oui Naya Rivera Glee, was an actor, singer, et philanthropist. Bondir on 12 January 1987 in California, USA, Naya Rivera invested a beaucoup of sa time in os Angeles. Thé glee étoiles was du mixed descent share characteristics ns Puerto Rican, American, et more. When auto word “Afro-Latinx” was extensive in 2010 elle was recognized as such.


Naya Rivera’s Childhood

Naya Rivera Glee’s father George Rivera to be a sales representative parce que le famous brands such oui Disney. Elle mother Yolanda to be a se réconcilier model. Tying the knot in 1986, Rivera’s parent split increase in 1996 with sa mother tying auto knot again in 1996 through Charles Previtaia. Naya Rivera Glee, however, remained fermer la porte to sa father. According venir Naya Rivera Glee, elle mother named sa after elle goddess Naya. She sûr that her mother had actually a parrot called Naya antérieur à she was born.

Naya Rivera Glee was a la poêle of michael Jackson’s from elle childhood. Although she could no get fermé to Jackson, she made friends with Jackson’s cousin when elle was a son star.

Naya Rivera Glee i graduated from High school but what many people don’t sait is that sa mother wished sa to join thé choir cible Naya left shortly after joining thé same. She could no bear being actors aside for de nouveau singer in auto choir. At one point, she wanted à become a cheerleader. Naya Rivera Glee was concentrated on elle acting et auditions throughout her school days.

She oz described sa High écoles experience as the worst. Thé celebrity did not only have a complicated childhood due to being a victim ns racial abuse cible also experienced from a clinical condition. Naya Rivera Glee describes elle suffering native anorexia during sa teenage years in her livre in detail.

This shows that she was non different farming up et went through thé same circumstances oui many of the teenage girls of her lâge do. This is one ns the factors why she was able to garner haricot de soja much attention in the divertissement industry later on. Elle honesty, down-to-earth attitude, and her commitment à helping rather are quel truly made sa a star.

Naya Rivera’s start in Showbiz

As a baby, Naya Rivera had gotten thé opportunity to étoiles in Kmart adverts. Thé Glee star’s first significant travail was when elle was 4 years old in which elle played the role du Hilary Winston nous the montrer “The royalistes Family” in 1991. The étoiles could not check out from auto scripts directly and hence had to hone her recitation skills venir learn the art of acting. This skill came to be permanent, as she was rather known parce que le memorizing auto lines speedily without making any mistakes. The seul did fairly well, however, did not make ce through oui the major étoiles of the montrer died en raison de to a love attack.

In the jeu industry growing up ont a mixed-race, she found the end that her mixed-race had both pros and cons pour her career. Elle explained that sometimes she found that the casting directors can not typecast her, because she never one race or the other. They assumed that she never droit in one role perfectly. However, elle mixed-race gave elle many different avenues in auto acting

“wasn’t couleur noire enough, jaune Latina enough” et struggled to importer roles de either ethnicity. On the divers hand, the advantage of being mixed race was explained by her that she “could jouer a beaucoup of different ethnicities, from seul plain old dark-skinned blanche girl à Latino, à African-American.

Success Story of Naya Rivera

Naya marie Rivera to be cast as Santana Lopez, a high lécole cheerleader, nous Fox’s musical comedy series, i m sorry was around a high écoles glee club in 2009. When working nous the sapin three episodes of Glee Naya kept sa job oui a nanny, tandis que to no having the surety that they would bring her back jaune not. Murphy was fairly impressed by Naya that hey “convinced auto network” venir contract her at this point.


Naya Rivera Glee TV spectacle & Movies

Naya Rivera Glee tv series

Starring nous Fox, the démontrer Glee it is long 6 good years offering the best combination ns music et comedy venir the ventilateur of the show. The seul started in 2009 and was based nous a musique club passant par the surname of nouveau Directions. The story sees numerous different characters in highschool trying à succeed if facing life problems such as coming de age, race, relationships, and more. The series not only focuses nous music and comedy but also shines a light on the social issues in culture these days. The séries became popular as the fans started to raconté to auto characters oui they slowly emerged over thé episodes.

The creators ns this series were Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, et Ian Brennan, auto latter de whom first originated auto idea ns Glee as a film. Toutes les personnes of thé episodes of the first two seasons of the montrer were written par the three of them, and initially, Murphy et Falchuk served as the henchmen directors du the show.

Naya Rivera Glee Auditions

Naya marié Rivera auditioned pour the montrer Glee, because pour two reasons one to experience thé combination of singing et dancing, et secondly because elle was a big fan ns the work ns the producer, Ryan Murphy, due to his exceptional work in the series nip/tuck. For the preparation du the role, elle used sa own personal experiences in first from gift bullied venir being the laughing stock ns the class and also par watching films such as Mean girl to importer into a character with attitude.

Naya Rivera Glee Character

Naya marié Rivera defined that sa Glee series character, Santana, had a vast attitude make her année antagonist in countless eyes, however, fans loved thé role elle played. Elle also went nous to state that the fantastic one-liners et the mindset that Santana took nous were also a reason à la her liking thé character.

In Glee’s sapin season Santana wasn’t provided much de a role as the producer wanted à see comment the character and acting went and if ventilateurs enjoyed Santana. A parcelle of ventilateurs related venir Santana and this is one du the reasons why auto character was given more screen temps during auto last few episodes of the life season. Rivera stated that Santana to be a loger wrecker an interpretation having relationships here et there with different people. Many may perceive her oui a rogue at times however once elle character started à open and develop personnes fell in amour with her.

Naya Rivera’s role took a échanger in the series Glee after the life season. Her character Santana began dealing with elle internal struggles seul to discover out that elle was attractive to auto same sex. Elle sexuality was a substantial breakthrough for her character, her fans, et also à la the scenes in between Santana et her le meilleur friend. Elle character found ce very difficult venir come out ns the closet because auto producers of the démontrer thought de this “little secret” as a joke for the series, however, Naya was adamant to push parce que le this role which ended up being a principale breakthrough parce que le Glee.

Naya Rivera Glee best Songs

Naya marié Rivera changed et saved plenty of lives through sa role ont Santana In auto show, Glee. Sa magical voice et her talent played année immense role in thé show. And her performance will habitent in ours hearts forever. Nobody can forget sa iconic monologues oui Santana in which elle could read someone to filth without giving as much ont a second thought and then pause it right into a song. Laissez-nous look at some of the songs sung par Naya Rivera the left nous mesmerized.

The collaboration between the two actresses Naya Rivera and ambre Riley, the performance ns the souper “River Deep, mountain High”, originally by Ika et Tina Turner, is meticulous. This puissance displayed everything, thé choreography du the dance steps, auto high vocals, et the attitude that matched thé entire routine. Whenever these exceptional performers join together, ce truly was an iconic and remarkable occasion. Although these collaborations didn’t take place often, they constantly got auto spotlight et reigned ont the performance de the day.

Another souper that left année impression was Songbird which was chanté originally by Fleetwood Mac. It was one ns those performance that proved Santana’s character ont being année intimate human while Naya Rivera got venir display sa acting an abilities completely. Ventilateurs got à see comment intimate Santana can get behind toutes les personnes that attitude et cheerleading. Santana during this souper gets to exprimer her feelings venir Brittany, her meilleur friend. Ventilateur were not expecting this moment and this is what cette gave cette its charm. The souper is emotional et heart-wrenching si you hear it et imagine je vous demande pardon struggle Santana has been going through internally. Ce related venir many du her ventilateur around thé world which fabriquer the “songbird” moment one du the meilleur in thé series.

Barbara Streisand – Don’t rain on my défilé Sung de Naya Rivera

Let’s affronter the facts: Rachel baie ( lea Michele) really required peace de mind et a wake-up appel téléphonique when elle was ultimately able venir make cette to Broadway. And Santana was auto most precise person venir put sa in elle place. In thé song de Barbara Streisand, don’t rain on mien parade, thé pure puissance that radiates from elle in this performance is unbelievable and undeniable oui well. Elle storms right into the audio-visuel in the hopes ns being Rachel’s understudy in drôle Girl et blows thé roof éteindre the theatre leaving anyone shocked et surprised. The apogée of her performance ns the souper “Don’t Rain on My parade “ can be synthetic in une word: historic.

The combination de the trio actress, Naya Rivera, ambre Riley, and Heather morris was one du the meilleur ideas auto producers had for the show. Auto mashup de Adele songs rumor has it et the emotionally powerhouse ns someone like you was perfect with Santana belting out elle vocals the were sweet and serene while thé attitude et flow native the other two simply detailed synergy leading à a spectacular performance. Auto three women presented emotions, power, et attitude as they floored thé set through a stunning cover de the good Adele. Numerous thought that judiciaire can’t be excellent with année Adele cover marqué they were wrong. The performance was phenomenal.

This is the seconde time once Santana showed elle love pour Brittany et the song, make ne sont pas mistake i m sorry was initially sung par Kenny Rogers et Ronnie Milsap, was executed perfectly. Rivera took nous the souper with help from Chord Overstreet. The thing was the during auto season, sam who had expressed his desires parce que le Brittany directif to année emotional teen faced passant par Santana who slowly gained consumed through jealousy. Although thé two, Santana and Brittany weren’t dating at the time, her love confession in the souper left fans speechless leaving année emotional mark on those who oui been with this before. Santana through her songs became very relatable among thé teenage generation.

One de the most covered song in the world has vocals, choreography, and a beaucoup of sass which to be demonstrated par Santana, in Destiny’s child souper survivor, when she blew the performance through thé roof through some assist from Mercedes and troubletones. The song had everything, thé dresses to be on mission and the vocals were just stunning. The meilleur part was how the three singers sustained each divers with yes, really high energy levels.

In a rare et precious moment, if preparing parce que le Broadway, Santana et Rachel du sang along to caty Perry’s “Brave”. It’s a memorable and touching instants between the two vocal powerhouses.

Without a doubt, Santana had actually one ns the the strongest voices conditions météorologiques Glee which was displayed in the souper “girl nous fire”. Taking année example when sa voice lends itself to this song, i beg your pardon is Alicia Keys’ hit. Auto range of her belt is really rare and pretty remarkable even among some de the legendary singers that oui lived.

While conditions météorologiques the topic de range, Naya made people believe by her rendition that not only can elle perfect the arts of singing songs choose “Girl nous Fire”, but can additionally sing emotional and touching songs choose “Mine” an extremely perfectly. Thé songs through which Santana professed her yearning amour to Brittany became auto highlight du Glee every simple time et that is auto power ns representation.

The song, “Cold Hearted“ by Paula Abdul, is likewise one ns the greatest in auto series. Naya sings immaculately par portraying auto darker side du Santana, i m sorry everybody is eager à enjoy every time. With sa performance de “Cold Hearted”, Santana outperformed anyone conditions météorologiques set at auto time.

The critique song that nous are going to discuss right here is par Band Perry “if i die young”. This performance is rather explainable itself. Performed oui a tribute to Finn’s (Cory Monteith) death par Naya, the song now holds double meaning after the death of Naya Rivera, which is “R.I.P Naya Rivera, and thank you parce que le changing ours lives”.

Naya Rivera Projects différent than Glee

Naya Rivera musique projects

Naya Rivera Glee got elle first albums breakthrough through Colombia records Durojf et the 4th season de the Glee. According to her, over there were the most desirable moment of her life. This was auto time when she started taking différent projects as well.

After that Naya Rivera glee walk a song with 2Cellos and featured cette in its musique video as well. However, her life single souper “sorry” featured rapper super Sean. The song quickly came to be viral. This to be a various experience pour Naya because auto songs elle had done in Glee were fairly different.

Naya Rivera auto Devil’s door

Devil’s Door was thé first cinématique Rivera did. Elle had a lead role in it. Auto Devil’s Door is considered par many as a unique cinématique in auto horror genre. Cette was released in 2014.

Naya Rivera Devious Maids

Rivera made elle debut again nous Glee in the fifth season ns in auto year 2015 marqué requested a palliation in sa role because elle wanted to spend a bit more time conditions météorologiques other projects such oui Devious Maids. This was a râpé series in its third season once Naya joined it. Elle played Blanca Albarez in thé show.

Also, she hosted auto TV seul The View ont a invité host throughout that period.

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Naya Rivera Hunger games: capturing fire

Naya Rivera Glee was cast in the Hunger stratagème sequel called catching Fire. She played auto exciting role ns Johanna Mason in thé film. Before that, she had to be under consideration for the role de Katniss Everdeen in the sapin Hunger jeu movie cible did not jouer this late.

Naya Rivera Hosting “The View” and writing a book

During the hosting de The View, Naya Rivera Glee was stunned by a des questions from the public when one du them asked elle about the actress being a huge affecter on the nouveau generation. Feeling that elle had no done enough to deserve this title, Naya Rivera Glee understood that many of her ventilateurs related to elle life et her personality in thé series, and therefore she wanted venir help others by sharing sa own endure through elle book and memoir called “Sorry not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, et Growing Up”.

In this book, elle revealed personal experiences from how she confronted racism oui a teen actrice to the brawl through Michele during thé shooting of Glee.

The royaliste Family

This cinématicien revolved around thé story de a des lettres carrier and his family. Naya Rivera played thé role of the mail carrier’s nephew Hillary.

Mad Families

Naya’s function in Mad family members was secondary, marqué one of the memorable roles of her cinématicien career. In this film, Rivera’s role was of a peacemaker among thé three families de different ethnicities.

Step up: high water

Naya Rivera Glee took auto role du a school administrator in thé YouTube rouge series “Step up: high water” oui Adam Shankman, thé producer du the seul wanted Rivera to jouer a role. Elle had operated with the twice antérieur à that et had an amazing working partnership with Adam et therefore took conditions météorologiques the character.

Master du disguise

Another one de Naya Rivera Glee’s jobs was Master du disguise. She is remembered for her function in this movie. This to be a histoire of an Italian waiter who offered his powers du disguise to take nous a criminal mastermind.

The mischievous List

Naya Rivera Glee was featured in an animation film “The mischievous List” ont the voice du the personality sparkle. This shows elle being one de the abondance actors à ever action into auto Hollywood industrie not only taking movie on but also film danimation too.


Frankenhood is a horror-comedy that is remembered for many things, one du them being the diverse acting skills du Naya Rivera Glee.

Stage shows

In addition to her career in TV, movies, et singing she also appeared in stage shows. “U Don’t savoir Me” to be her life stage illustration in 2006. A few years later she appeared in a Glee habitent concert oui Santana Lopez.

Public image

Throughout elle career, Naya Rivera Glee kept a robust existence in auto public. Elle featured in various journal such oui Cosmopolitan, Maxim, FHM, and many more.

She to be at num three in the chaud 100 perform in Maxim in 2010. à la the next two years, elle ranked num one in hot 100 list. Elle also obtained picked for FHM’s 100 sexiest ladies list et 50 most beautiful perform of un autre Magazine.

She was likewise seen in:

35 under 35 LatinosBrand promotion ns NIOXINAs a spokesperson pour the ProactivAnd more

Naya Rivera’s personal life

Naya Rivera’s relationships Ex’s & Family

Naya Rivera Glee apparently dated actor Tahj Mowry between 2000 and 2004. Castle both mettre after their first shoot du a la publicité when Rivera to be four et they both later operated together nous Smart mec in thé 1990s. After Naya Rivera Glee walk missing, Taj Mowry professed his love for his ex-girlfriend in année Instagram tribute write-up writing comment she was everything and made the a better person.

According to thé reports, she started dating elle recording artist gros Sean in April 2013. Both announced their engagement later in October 2013 but unfortunately, the couple broke increase in April 2014 en raison de to part unknown reasons. In his route “All Me” by Drake, gros Sean rapped around Naya Rivera Glee if they to be together. But after they broke up elle asked super Sean not à write a song about her anymore.


Naya’s Philanthropy & Advocacy

Naya Rivera Glee was a staunch continuer of thé LGBT+ community. Elle gave a valuable amount de time venir organizations such oui GLAAD, pavillon Up à Cancer, auto Trevor Project, thé Elephant Project, I am an Immigrant, and alliance of moms.

If nous leave every little thing else and take seulement un the Naya Rivera Glee role ns Santana Lopez, this function alone opened plenty of doors for mainstreaming de LGBTQ debate.

Naya Rivera’s Religion

Naya Rivera Glee was a lifelong Christian and she stated this in elle memoir. She also wrote about how elle mother was an extremely religious and strict in the direction of her and her brothers in your childhood. They were seulement un allowed to listen to croyant music. Also in petit high school talenz shows elle would do on croyant songs only. Naya Rivera Glee likewise wrote that she was a lesbian et there was no apprehension from her family about that storyline ont she created about elle mother that she is pretty cool about it.

Naya Rivera’s awards & Nominations

At the âge of five, Rivera was tons nominated for an award in 1992. After being repetitively nominated for various awards, she won awards for singing, acting public image, et audience awards. She won 9 prix from auto 24 nominations for her work nous Glee.

The last award she won was à la the cast and production de Step-up: High Water providing equal female representation in 2018, it was practically 26 year after her sapin nomination. A few of her awards and nominations are as follows.

Naya Rivera Glee was nominated 4 times parce que le Alma awards, out du which she won 3 awards. She was additionally nominated for this award in the category ns the best-supporting actrice TV series in 2009 marqué did not success it. Naya Rivera winner this pardonner for her glee performance in 2010. After that, elle was nominated parce que le the exact same in 2011 et 2013.

Naya Rivera Glee secured un autre nomination in 2014 pour her infamous function in the TV series Glee. For her exceptional puissance in The royaliste Family, elle was nominated pour this pardonner in 1992.

Naya Rivera Glee & feuilles Michele

Despite enjoying first to auto maximum, Naya Rivera Glee was no out de the news during elle career. Sa fans ont well as those that are into Hollywood gossip know toutes les personnes too well about her du bœuf with feuilles Michele.


The Feud

Reportedly, there was a big feud between the former co-stars Naya Rivera Glee et Lea Michele in 2014. Both are seen speaking about each other’s actions. This was particularly because Naya Rivera once played Glee cheerleader Santana, and this character’s position nous the show grew.

According to thé US weekly magazine, Naya Rivera Glee and Lea Michele to be wary de each other primarily because Naya was jealous of Michele’s duty in thé show as a top lady. Naya is envious of Lea’s role ont the show’s top lady.

However, both Naya Rivera Glee et Lea Michele denied, on more than une occasion, any mauvais blood in between them.

However, Naya Rivera’s book “Sorry not Sorry” addressed auto quarrel differently. She raffinement in her livre that both Naya Rivera Glee et Lea Michele to be competitive, strong-willed, et resilient women. And that they were necessary à la the show.

The Feud became intense as time passed. Naya Rivera Glee et Lea Michele walk not view eye to eye in auto later seasons ns Glee. Pré Michele became famous pour her character et was taking more screen time, i m sorry was not acceptable parce que le Naya. Naya Rivera Glee defines that Michele was never ever a team joueur during the show et that she did not speak a single word with Naya throughout season 6. After stating auto facts, Naya Rivera Glee shows elle strong character and respects Michele’s ambition by saying that both Naya Rivera Glee and Lea Michele were ambitious and it to be a daunting combination pour the show.

There come a temps when Naya’s en vigueur on the show seemed in jeopardy en raison de to this beef. It is stated that Naya was not happy as soon as Michele delayed the shooting de the show nous the anniversary of her late friend Cory Monteith. The du bœuf got so intense that Michele being a co-producer du the montrer tried to influence Naya out ns the show.

The Tribute venir Naya Rivera

On confirmation of Naya’s catastrophic death, Michele shared black and white photos de Naya et Monteith in the expression of her grief. This spectacles that even though both ns them to be competitors, mutual le respect between Naya Rivera Glee and Lea Michele never vanished.

The Tribute went viral because thé world to be aware de the feud between the two co-stars.

Death of Naya Rivera

In July 2020, Naya Rivera Glee go missing pour five days straight. After 5 days of search, her corps humain was found in thé lake Piru near santa Clarita. Elle left this people at the lâge of 33. Elle died nous the very same day one of sa friends died a few years back. Ce is stated that elle went swimming with elle son where elle drowned trying to save him.

Naya Rivera Glee fabriquer a name pour herself in this world cible left it before she can ripe thé fruits de what elle had contributed to the world. Even during her last days, she was busy shooting step Up. That shows sa love et passion à la her work.

Naya Rivera’s Legacy

Naya Rivera is one ns the life to stand for Afro-Latinos. Through elle queer personality in Glee, elle opened increase a large horizon ns debate nous the LGBT+ issues. She has been defined as année icon pour the said community.

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Naya Rivera Glee’s role in thé glee-inspired stories such oui Latinidad. In one of the novels, Naya Rivera’s function in Glee to be mentioned ont having play a complicated role du the life lesbian ns Afro-Latin descent. Elle Glee character influenced debates and stories around stereotypes neighboring LGBT+. This character has actually single-handedly cast a lasting dommage on thé TV world.