Musée du mur de l atlantique le bunker

My expectations de the dénormes Bunker musées (museum) to be not toutes les personnes that high when i eventually obtained around to visiting, cible it rotate out to be yes, really interesting.

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I originally thought the 16m high concrete bunker, which has been restored venir its 1944 condition, to be a flak tower, cible it was in reality designed to be a ‘Hochleitstand’ – a manage tower et rangefinder for a battery of 155mm artillery covering auto entrance venir the sortie Orne. Most ‘Atlantic Wall’ installations in Normandy benefitted from gift up high et overlooking auto coast, but here conditions météorologiques the edge ns the the Orne Estuary thé coast and hinterland room flat, haricot de soja they needed venir build a tower.

Sentry guarding auto entrance

Located seul behind what was venir become knife Beach, it was additionally designed à be near impregnable à a commando or complete scale infantry attack, oui you have the right to plainly check out when you start your tour inside. Even si assailants gained through the armoured door, they’d then uncover themselves in a killing zonage corridor with an ext doors to volonté through antérieur à they can make their means up the narrow one stairs to thé rooms at every level.

In that respect, auto bunker design was successful. Conditions météorologiques D-Day, the french & anglais special force tried an assault cible were forced venir skirt around thé tower and move on. Thé Germans defended thé tower for three days avant Lieutenant Bob Orrell of the royalistes Engineers, v a team ns three men, set deux explosive charge one after the other to blow up auto armour-plated door. Altogether cette took them four hours to pause it open! auto garrison of two officers et fifty men then surrendered et the liberation ns Ouistreham was complete.

Outside the dénormes Bunker

A visit to the vaste Bunker starts external where there is a small circonscriptions of vehicles and weapons consisting of a revived Higgins landing craft et the rusty continues to be of année American M7 priest self-propelled pistolet (SPG), which dropped to the seabed la fin Omaha Beach early on june 6th 1944 as soon as a German shell hit and capsized the tank landing craft ce was on. Four M7s du the 58th Armoured field Artillery regiment went to thé bottom, ensemble with a half-track, a jeep et several ammo & equipment trailers. Lock were uncovered in the 60s et this rarement example was recovered in 1982.

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Restored Higgins boat (Swipe left or click arrow à la more…)


M7 monk SPG


M3 Stuart light tank


Quick shooting 25-pounder ar gun

There’s a well revived M3 Stuart irradiate tank. Thé M3 was année American fabriquer tank, offered in this example par the britanique Army ont a scout. This déditions was adapted pour beach landings in up à 1 metre of water. Thé hull to be waterproofed and the aviation intake & exhaust placed high up. A couple of days after landing nous 6th June, this one was additionally equipped with a hedge cutter to make getting through auto Normandy bocage (thick hedgerows) easier.

And there room a paire of pho pieces: a German 88mm flak gun, et a anglais Quick shoot (QF) 25-pounder ar gun.

Inside the grand Bunker

The 5-floors ns the bunker have been restored à their june 1944 condition, v dioramas portraying their purpose. So, in the basement, in addition to thé defensive positions, there is thé generator room et the ventilation room.


The security entrance. Once in you ont to volonté down this corridor under sur le feu to the prochain armoured door (Swipe left or click arrow parce que le more…)

As with toutes les personnes the German bunkers nous the Atlantic Wall, this bunker to be designed venir handle a gas attack. Thé armoured doors were aéronautique tight and filters decontaminated the aviation pumped into the structure, i m sorry was preserved pressurised. De course, as soon as sealed, that intended there to be a attention that carbon dioxide could quickly construct up. So the ventilation had à be efficient, and stoves à la heating & food preparation had to ont their own intake and extraction system.

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The lundi floor was where auto mess, life quarters, infirmary & quartermasters stores to be based.