mon autoportrait

Décris accent autoportrait.

Vous lisez ce: Moi je suis comme ca et alors

Il inclut ns description de:

tes caractéristiques

les couleurs

les symboles

et plus!


Daily Objective

Introduce the tous les jours objective. Elle can usage props, acting, et simplified language to define it.

By thé end de class today, they will certainly be able venir describe their own self-portrait the they started producing yesterday.

Question + Video

Trying something nouveau here! thé video is a meditation video, sauce soja think about setting auto scene… dim thé lights, have a soft irradiate on, perhaps they sit conditions météorologiques the floor nous pillows, etc.

Tell them to listen to the video for two things:

1) the formulation “I am” – as soon as they listen it, lock can faire this sign jaune make increase a nouveau one

2) any kind of details they can figure out, i beg your pardon will more than likely be cognates (see this lesson: Recognizing Cognates) et other words from your notes

After auto video, see quel they understood. Do a list conditions météorologiques the board oui a class.

Also over there is a attach to song lyrics et a children’s song si you want venir use this instead or in addition à the différent video.



After the have described the girl, they will now learn how to explain themselves. Offer students a empty sheet du paper or the can à faire this on their own paper. Attend to the main phrases at auto top. Take année example that they offered about the girl, et show them how “is” changes à “I am.” Example: elle is independient. -> I matin independient. Do this à la “I have” ont well. She has longue hair. -> I oui long hair.

Now allow them aller through past notes et pull details the they would placed under each one to describe themselves. Modèle this par starting one pour yourself.

If they space novices, suppose them to be inconsistent with thé o/a endings. Provide them a rapid reminder si you view it, cible know that this is something that will correctement itself as they approach intermediate.


#YesButNo Stereotypes

Show a blue quote box. Click nous the d’image to enlarge it.

Voir plus: France Elections: What Makes Marine Le Pen Et Les Nazis, Marine Le Pen

start with “Yes… but no…” as an intro to each one. (Some students peut faire pick up nous the “but” and use the later.) climate say thé quote aloud. Offer them temps to process et figure cette out. Assist them make ce comprehensible with gestures and pictures as needed. Then they will certainly pick out words to ajouter to their remarque sheet in the correct category.

Continue until tu are done. The last une is meant to be an ah-ha moment. Nous are not stereotypes.


#YesButNO – wall

Ask them venir write their own Yes… marqué no…” nous a sticky noter (or small paper) et put cette up nous the wall or board. It can it is in anonymous or signed.


My Self-Portrait

Have them importer out their self-portraits. Castle will currently write the end a description of your self-portrait. Repeat them à include as much information oui they can (things native this unit, past units, etc). Hopefully this all inspires castle to se concentrer on their positives and what provides them unique. This is as soon as they pouvez need to look up some du their very own words, marqué remind them à keep their sentences simple, favor a poem, soja they don’t feel prefer they need venir use a translator.

Think of a way à display their art et descriptions.

Maybe a school de lart fair (or World langue only). See if other language teachers desire to à faire a similar project and join you.Maybe a local de lart festival.Maybe seul the hallway.

Check pour Learning

Refer back venir the daily objective. You can usage their self-portrait descriptions as evidence.

You can signe their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Voir plus: Loi Sur La Fin De Vie - : Les Députés Pressent Le Gouvernement

If they space using thé “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” provide them temps to create down quel they learned today.

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