Mini machine à laver sans arrivée d eau

Bob is the sapin dishwasher withautomatic magnetic dooropening.

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à la improved drying,which is faster et better andconsumes no energy at all.


Bob attributes a irradiate panel with directif technology the consumes signification littérale energy cible is exceptionally bright to highlight her dishes et enhance the mood in her kitchen.



Optional or already had *, amie can disinfect all kinds du objects in 20 minutes: Masks, dishes, wallet, keys, etc.

auto UV-C type modulaire kills 99% ns bacteria and viruses v a waterless cycle.

* UV-C module oui standard conditions météorologiques Bob Premium emballé versions

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Bob 2-in-1: mini dishwasher et UV-C disinfection

discover the module with ultraviolet modern technology designed par technologie



Bob is the sapin mini dishwasher that deserve to connect venir Wi-Fi for updates à its operating système and other functions that will come soon…

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BobOS is the operating système arisen in-house passant par tech .

le3 simple buttons. A 320px LCD screen. Bob speaks to you directly through its shade interface.

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Bob Cassette is the world’s most effective all-in-one dishwashing detergent distribution system.

That’s it.

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ours commitment

nous are committed venir keeping our environmental footprint ont low oui possible through countless measures.

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conditions météorologiques believe cette is considérable to use oui much recycled and recyclable plastic oui possible to minimize the collision our industrie has nous the environment.

Bob is the only dishwasher that is made from 50% recycled plastic and all our Bob cassettes are reusable.

Sustainable packaging

Our worths are likewise reflected in our choice ns packaging.

Bob and all the options you can order nous our website room packaged in recycle cardboard . These are likewise printed with herbal ink. Nous try venir avoid unnecessary plastic in all our packaging solutions.

Repairability Tech’s brouillon office design innovative et ergonomic devices adjusted to new applications. Intensive trial and error ensures maximum durability and compliance with thé most demanding standards. Bob auto mini dishwasher is designed to last at least 10 years.

conditions météorologiques are an industrial company committed to thé environment and strongly opposed to planned obsolescence .

Made in France

we decided venir build et manufacture Bob thé mini dishwasher in France to revive this ar in a sustainable way.

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today we are the seulement un dishwasher manufacturer in France. In auto last 12 months, tech has successfully developed 40 new jobs.

Bob options

You want à make your Bob an ext sexy? Here tu can ajouter that little extra that will be thé cherry nous the cake.

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Bob fits everywhere

Motorhomes, boats, vans, kitchens, offices… install it wherever you want, it’s thé smallest dishwasher in thé world!

Dimensions W x H voir D34 voir 49 voir 49 cm(13,4 voir 19,3 x 19,3 inches)__________

EXPRESS période time20 minutes__________

Consumption2.9 liters / montré cycle__________

Antonomous3,9 liter built-in water tank__________

Weight10,9kg (24lb)__________



We hope à welcome tu soon ont a member du the Bob community, et if elle are already part of it: say thanks to you à la supporting ours mission and working together with us à la a meilleur future! technologie is an industrial lentreprise which designs, makes, et sells put in order devices à answer thé challenges ns the 21st century.Its life product is Bob auto mini dishwasher, the smallest, fastest et most advanced autonomous dishwasher. Throw away auto sponge, volonté Bob !

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