Michel Legrand La Chanson D Un Jour D Été


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ArtistMichel Legrand
4.30 / 5.00.5 indigenous 10 ratings

Philips / 558 408-2 /



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Because this is a second issue, amie can seul catalog ce in auto native formats (or writable media).
chrismass61 Nov 09 2008 4.50 stars
conditions météorologiques two discs, thé complete score ns "Les demoiselles du Rochefort", including tracks not conditions météorologiques the original album. Prime tracks are "La chanson des jumelles" work-in-progress exécutions (with a spoken intro passant par Michel Legrand and Stéphane Lerouge), its English version, traces from année instrumental albums Legrand videotaped in 1967 (with Maurice Vander at the piano et Eddy Louiss at auto organ), a longue Phil bois jazz édition of "La chanson ns Maxence" and, finally, a medley played passant par Legrand and a small band avant the 1997 screening ns the restored édition of thé film. Film director Jacques Demy wanted venir realize a positive movie, where auto characters obstinately search parce que le happiness and apparently pas possible love, et succeed. Toutes les personnes this v dance, joyful music, shooting in thé real city of Rochefort i m sorry was completely redecorated for the occasion. Si you have never seen the movie, do it; unless elle want other violent and sad ... Wait, over there is a murder, with "a woman cut in pieces", so you can, as well ;-)Anyway, impressive songs and tunes are plenty: "La la chanson des jumelles", "Nous voyageons aux ville en ville", "Maris, amis, amants foins maris" ... Room classics, and deserve venir be standards. All songs were written passant par Jacques Demy (in alexandrines, twelve rate verses, oui in français theater et poetry standards ...), toutes les personnes music composed de Michel Legrand. Dialogs morceaux are included, as in the movie songs et dialogs space intricately mixed. Toutes les personnes songs were dubbed de professional singers, other than Danielle Darrieux ones. Ns read critics who mettre en ordre the imperfections of the movie, jaune such and such aspects de it. These room sad people. The seulement un way venir see it, and to listen venir this soundtrack, is allow oneself engulf in the magic world of Jacques Demy and the outstanding musique of michelle Legrand (one of his better works, si not the meilleur one). Si you space French-speaking or at least understand français you will certainly enjoy auto tongue-in-cheek humor de some lines ont a crème ; Demy liked fairy tales cible he was not dumb ;-)

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