What is happening with the Metro? Is it as far behind schedule as people are saying? How long will it be before trains are running? buycialistd.com tracked down one of the men in the know. Project Manager Stephane Faure.

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There are three companies working together on the project:

Freyssinet One of the Vinci group which is one of the biggest construction company in France.

VSL Originally from Switzerland but belongs to the French company Bouygues

Rizzani De Eccher A major Italian general contractor in the international construction market

Stephane Faure has 20 years experience on these kind of projects, having worked in South and Central America, North Africa, the Middle East và now Ho chi Minh City.

This friendly Frenchman is married and has two children. We sat down lớn find out what’s what with Ho đưa ra Minh City’s new Light Rail Transit system.


So how vị the rumours compare with truth, is the project really so far behind schedule? Just when will trains be running lớn District 9?

No, our part of the work is completely on time. We are responsible for all the precast bridgework. Which to be honest is a large part of the whole project. There are so many other factors in play though. The companies building the big bridges over the rivers, the station builders, then the track laying & signalling before the project finally gets round to testing. Our part of the work will be finished on schedule in the second half of 2017. The stations and concourses should be done by the over of 2017 then the track, signalling & testing by 2019. So it’s on course.

People have asked me why it was decided khổng lồ go for an elevated section all the way out, surely a ground màn chơi system would have been cheaper và faster to lớn build?

It is true that a ground cấp độ system is quicker và cheaper but in the long term, it creates many more problems. Every time a road crosses the track you need a bridge. Màn chơi crossings are not practical with a metro where trains are running every few minutes. Effectively a track at ground level cuts a community in two. Additionally the ground conditions here are problematic & that would create more issues. Then of course there is the problem of Ho đưa ra Minh City’s perennial floods, that would be very disruptive.

Anyone who lives in District 2 has seen the impressive machine that you use lớn put the sections in place. Tell us a little bit about this.

Well it is impressive, the công nghệ is far advanced from other systems around the world. We manufacture the concrete sections at our factory in Thu Duc. Each section measures eight metres by three metres. For the 12km of line that we are constructing, we will have lớn manufacture 4,000 sections. The machine that you mention can lay a 30 metre section between two uprights in three days. So that’s 10 metres per day, and we have three machines. The machines can lay the segments faster than we can manufacture them. So we had khổng lồ start manufacturing ahead of time.


Is this the only difference between the Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố metro and others around the world

No. Other systems have a flat bed of concrete upon which the train runs. Here we build each segment in a “U” shape. The train will run inside the “U”. This means when finished the track will look more slim & streamlined.

Are there plans to build footbridges over the roads? I’m thinking in particular about the Hanoi Highway, và people getting from the An Phu side to lớn Thao Dien.

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Yes, you may have noticed the track is running at different heights in different areas. This is partly to bởi vì with that. In some places in order khổng lồ put footbridges in the stations need to lớn be higher. This is not my area of expertise but I am sure the footbridges will be built wherever they are needed.


The whole project is under SCC a Vietnamese-Japanese consortium. All other companies are working as subcontractors khổng lồ them. The bridges over the rivers are being built by a Vietnamese construction company. The country has, after all, huge experience in this field. The three companies working on the segmented support sections worked together in Dubai and again have enormous experience và expertise. However, the ground conditions here have thrown up unique problem that have had khổng lồ be surmounted.

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