If you've to be living under a rock and still haven't caught up nous watching HBO's game of Thrones enough to know comment The rouge Wedding gained its name, it's temps to start binge-watching in time à la the season premiere this Sunday, April 6th. Binge-watching recipes and the game destinées after the jump!

The game of Thrones Catch-Up game Plan:

1. You're going to need part snacks-- we've got you covered with no-brainer, basic hand-to-mouth recipes pour your binge-watching session.

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2. Take pause to Google comment you can importer hair choose Daenerys Targaryen. Establish that elle can't et go back venir watch more.

3. Finish sometime late sunday afternoon.

4. Nap. You've seulement been traumatized by The rouge Wedding.

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5. Wake up up. Make these recipes à la the premiere.

6. Be ready to it is in one du the cool kids at the bureau water cooler nous Monday.

Photo: HBO

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