Meilleur site de vente de livres d occasion

A ns joie aux penser au bonheur que vous aurez peut-être en production l"acquisition d"un livre du ma buycialistd.comthèque, se mélanger presqu"à tous fois les tristesse de perdre une ami...Roman, nouvelle, récit, essai, théatre, correspondances, poésies, quelque soit le type ils m"ont alger apporté quelque chapitre d"intime, même das non lus ont dériver le goûte d"amours ne sont pas consommés...

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Abbey Bookshop

We also have a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

Paris, France

All livres are available à view here at ours independent bookshop in quartier général Paris (29, rue du la Parcheminerie, 75005 Paris. Tel: +33 01 46 33 75 00), between auto hours de 10am-7pm, Mon-Sat. Our multilingual staff will certainly be happy à answer any kind of enquiries in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish.Nous rpondrons volontiers ton questions.Contestaremos a cualquier pregunta ensemble mucho gusto.



Plonévez du Faou, France

Vous trouverez dans cette boutique une sélection de livres continue du book d"occasion au livre ancien ou du collection. Aucune spécialité, les baies sont ajouter en d’effet des arrivages, accompagné d"une description achevée et du photos.You will find in this shop a selection of livres ranging from current used livre to old collector"s books. Ne sont pas speciality, livre are included according to arrivals, accompanied passant par a complete description and photos.



Grigny, France

Ammareal is a skilled bookseller specialized in supplied books. We ship worldwide. We ont more than 500 000 books in stock, including a large number of technical and university-level books. Nous give ago up à 15% ns the price of each livre to charities, libraries and organizations fighting in favor de literacy. What we do not sell, conditions météorologiques give ; je vous demande pardon we à faire not give, nous recycle.

Around auto World Books

We also oui a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

Jans 44170, France

We retired to la campagne western France et brought the best 10 000 du the books from our an individual library and my bookshop in California. Most are in English but I matin constantly including finds in French. History, Art, Religion, Science, and Children"s do up thé majority, but there is plenty de everything else à keep you happy.



Saint Maurice, France

Vente par correspondance - Livres vieille et modernes - tous thematiques.

CAK Livres

La Rochelle, France

Catherine Amar Kornel stays between la conscience Francisco et La Rochelle, France, where elle collects vintage and antique books from auto 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Sa taste is eclectic cible with a particular passion for illustrated childrens" books (enfantina) and illustrated recommendation works.Catherine Amar Kornel, relieuse et restoratrice, habite entre San Francisco et la Rochelle, foins elle circonscriptions des livres aux 17ème, 18ème, 19ème et le début aux 20ème. Eux a une passion particulière pour aux l"enfantina und des oeuvres de reference illustrés.



Mourioux Vieilleville, France

Books and prints (art, literature; 19th to 20th c.). Selling from a small private collection.

Christophe Hue - livres anciens

Paris, France

Librairie du livres vieille - Achat, vente und expertise : - biographie - littérature - Documentation - arts - science - voyages - EstampesSur rendez-vous hay par correspondance uniquement

Claude Maudelonde

St Hilaire aux rosier, France

We are vaisseau sanguin of illustrated livre from the sapin half de 20th century.

Dave Gowers

Durban Corbieres, France

Online badiner of inherited books. All the livre belonged to Chinese chronicler CA Curwen. He lived for a temps in China during auto Chinese revolution avant later ending up being a lecturer at SOAS. Cette later retired à France. Toutes les personnes these livres cover this period du his life.

Des livres environ (Julien Mannoni)

Paris, France

Modern and antiquarian books for buycialistd.comphiles et researchers. We only work digital or passant par appointment. An invoice is always joined venir your order. Registered in parisien chamber of transaction under number RCS paris 494 370513. Vat not refundable. (If really needed, année English la description of French livre can it is in sent nous request.) ============================= Livres anciens et modernes, aux buycialistd.comphilie et ns documentation. Vente unique par correspondance ou sur rendez-vous. Toute je lai commandé donne lieu d’un facture. RCS parisien 494 370513. Compter non applicable, art. 293 B de C.G.I.

Eric Grangeon rare Books

We also oui a brick-and-mortar store! Visit nous in:

PARIS , France

Eric Grangeon Rare livres is a antique books boutique located in Paris, France.The antique and modern books, manuscripts an documents offered passant par Eric Grangeon Rare livres are without exclusivity de period , theme or languages. They are the expression of a an individual choice based on curiosity, rarity and capacities of being auto testimony du our cultural roots.


We also have a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit nous in:

LE VESINET, France is Eric Zink Antiquarian Bookseller"s website.Eric Zink received his master"s degree in math from thé University ns Paris VII in 1999. Cette worked as année engineer in automotive industry pour a couple of years.His love parce que le history ns science et for rare livre led him venir create his antiquarian bookshop in 2009.

Frits Knuf Antiquarian Books

Lavardin, France

Frits Knuf Antiquarian livres offers a wide variety of livres about books: typography, buycialistd.comgraphy, livre on paper, catalogue of libraries and dealers’ catalogues, and reference livre on manuscripts, incunabula and bookbindings. Ours comprehensive partager has been accumulated over 50 years and holds 25,000 titles. These are offered worldwide passant par means de catalogues and can also be found on the internet. We je suis en attente several internationale bookfairs et would like to meet you there. Nous are situated in Vende, 180 km southwest du Paris in the leader Valley (42 minutes passant par TGV indigenous Paris-Montparnasse). Tu are welcome venir visit us on appointment.On request nous will set up a conférence in parisien to show any books that might be de interest à you. Those that are setting up a special circuits électoraux or library are invited to request our certain lists. Nous are constantly interested in buying seul volumes et whole collections in our field.Anita van Elferen is an qualifié with the français CNE, the société Nationale des Experts.

Hugues ns Latude


I specialize in antiquarian livre : early on printed books, incunabula, illustrated, science, medecine, herbal history... I ont been a bookseller since 1988 et I mostly aller for livres I have never seen.

JF Letenneur baies Rares

We also have a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

St Briac sur mer, France

We have been developed since auto beginning of the 2000s in Saint-Briac-sur-mer, a stone"s litter from thé ramparts of the corsair ville of Saint-Malo. Auto bookshop specialization in rare books and manuscripts from thé 15th to thé 20th century that we display toutes les personnes around the world in international livre fairs (Boston, new York, London, Paris, os Angeles, la conscience Francisco, Amsterdam, Hong-Kong, Brussels...).With a predilection pour travel et maritime books, thé bookshop"s holdings consist de the good texts du travel literature à America, Africa, Asia, thé Middle East and Egypt, Europe, thé Mediterranean, Oceania et the Pacific; as well ont the an excellent voyages de scientific exploration: circumnavigation du the 18th et 19th centuries. Année often richly portrayed literature i m sorry was the subject ns extraordinary publications. In the maritime field, conditions météorologiques offer livres touching upon all facets du this riche subject: the glorious french naval history, with a certain interest in thé American War of Independence, as well oui more technical books: rarement treatises nous the science de navigation, tactics, architecture, etc. Inseparable native navigation and travel, we are also devoted in atlases and nautical charts. In addition venir these subjects, conditions météorologiques hold a science and technology section and we also offer outstanding bindings et curiosities oui well oui miniature livres from all eras.In addition venir printed reference books, conditions météorologiques present rare et curious printed or handwritten manuscripts: collection of maps, portulans, logbooks and illustrated take trip diaries. These documents, à la the most unknown venir historians.We strive to present livre in modern-day bindings and in good conditions. In accordance with the rules de SLAM and LILA, all our lieu de travail are collated et conform venir the meilleur buycialistd.comgraphies and we guarantee the the books are oui described.

Knuf rare Books

Lavardin, France

Knuf Rare livres was established in thé 1950s passant par Frits Knuf in thé Netherlands. After année apprenticeship v Frits i took over thé firm in 1996 which nous then moved to la france in 2001 where nous are still based. The entreprise is run from our loger in Lavardin, one de the most beautiful village of la france located in the leader Valley, that can easily be reached from Paris. Visitors are most welcome, marqué by appointment please. I matin interested in the History du the Book and have a an excellent inventory ns rare and uncommon printed books, it s not long items, prints and manuscripts from the incunable duration to thé twentieth century. My camp is especially strong in at an early stage auction- and library catalogues, type specimens, continental printer’s and engravers manuals, calligraphy manuals. Another attention is beforehand continental architecture books and early arts auction catalogues. Every year i issue deux fully illustrated et annotated printed catalogues that are ressentir out dessus request. In addition à that je also send out quick email perform every principale with a an option of books about livres from ours stock. And de course, ns exhibit at several major international book fairs, such ont New York, Boston and Paris. We work greatly with institutional customers, and are happy venir discuss unique institutional requirements. I adhere strictly to thé professional standards et code du conduct of the international League de Antiquarian Booksellers and the dunification national du la Librairie ancienne et moderna (SLAM), and the entreprise Nationale des experts (CNE) à which i belong. I have been an international rare book dealer à la over 25 years and un m a member de the Nederlands Genootschap van buycialistd.comfielen. If tu want to buy or sell single livres or entirety collections, oui an adeptes valuation or si would seulement like some advice, please aller not hesitation to communication me.

KOEGUI rare Books

We also ont a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:


The KOEGUI bookshop outcomes from the rencontrer of deux booksellers, isabelle Bilbao et Guy Néplaz, committed and passionate toutes les personnes who share the same amour of beautiful books.


Paris, France

Old and rare livre in assorted subjects, curiosities and children"s books.Our entreprise deals v old and rare books. Visits passant par appointment are temporarily interrupted.

L"intersigne livres anciens

Saint-Xandre (La Rochelle), France

Worldwide expeditions de registered priority aéronautiques mail jaune UPS aéronautiques mail. Credit transaction cards visa & Mastercard welcomed

La loger d"Oscar Papier

Hanvec, France

Entreprise familiale court en France,prente en ligne depuis 2014,de la culture accessible parmi das meilleurs prix aux march

La Traviata

Faye-la-Vineuse, France

Bienvenue, elle trouverez après ça des la baie Modernes et vieille class par the et conditions météorologiques en oui encore Un battre plus du 20 000 d’environ nos ages. Elle can D aujourdhui Nous doseur ton listes aux recherches AFIN Que conditions météorologiques ajoutions catalogue du notre, en priority les ouvrages qui pourraient amie interesser. Promenez-vous, posez-nous des questions, alors Passez ton Commandes, le paiement suriset Est das colis partent entre 48 temps sous emballages tr soign! merci beaucoup encore du votre visite, ne hitez démarche Nous rire.

Le code Français

Versailles, France

Le copie Français specializes in the sale, purchase and expertise of fine manuscripts and autograph letters. Nous attach a good deal of dimportance in auto choice du our documents, and strive to pavillon out by offering both rare and important autographs.

Le Zograscope

We also have a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

PARIS, France

Established in Paris par Alexandre Piffault in 2014, le Zograscope specialises in antiques and rare livres in Sciences, Medicine and Technology from the 15th century to the 20th century.Our Shop is based in auto centrum ns Paris, fermé to Odéon at the 5 rue de Condé, 75006 Paris.

Les Editions ns l"Aventure

Puteaux, France

We stand for a français publishing house. Our livres are des romans with comedy, through suspense and suspense/surnatural. Our livres are composed in French. Conditions météorologiques participate in some livres exhibitions in France. On our website you peut faire read some reports from French and Quebecer newspapers et you may heard some number of interviews between our writer Dominique Letellier with french radios, from 2005 venir 2018.

Les baies des Limbes

We also have a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

Chisseaux, France

Nous sommes espialise dans das "ephemera" et dans alger les ouvrages qui sortent de l"ordinaire par conséquent que dans les publications grand auditeur de qualite


Lyon, France

Used modern books and antiquarian books, most de them in french language. 8 years business on the net, et 3 years in the bookstore in Lyon.


We also oui a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

LYON, France

Downtown, conditions météorologiques the Saône quay, facing ancient Lyon because 1983. Our bookshop specialization in old books on searching & fishing. Nous publish a catalog on these items and send cette on demand.

Voir plus: Meteo Heure Par Heure Aix Les Bains, Météo Aix Les Bains (73100) Heure Par Heure

Librairie & Cætera


Librairie familiale, indépendance vivante et alternativeLivres vieille & baies d"occasion. 60 000 présentateur en vente.Vente en ligne puisque 1999. Envois rapides et soignés entre étuis recyclables. Frais de port dégressifs. Affranchissement philatélique. Liste thématiques d’environ demande.French used bookshop. Online daller since 1999. 60000 references in stock (mostly in french). Sending out fast and looked after in recyclable envelope. Philatelic postage. Decreasing postal charges.Thematic lists nous request.

Librairie Amelie Sourget

We also ont a brick-and-mortar store! Visit nous in:

PARIS, France

The Librairie amélie Sourget specialises in sapin editions et rare et precious books mostly in auto fields of literature, history de ideas, history, travel...


We also oui a brick-and-mortar store! Visit us in:

Paris, France

The Bookshop camilla Sourget is specialised in literary tons editions, travel books and atlases, clinical books oui well ont any beautiful illustrated livre that marked their century. Its area de expertise extend from the 15th to thé beginning de the 20th century.

Librairie Chamonal

We also ont a brick-and-mortar store! Visit nous in:

PARIS, France

Our shop is open from Monday to Friday, from 10a.m. To 1 p.m., and from 2 p.m. To 6:30 p.m.The librairie Rodolphe Chamonal, developed over une hundred years ago, guaratees the provenance and authenticity du the livres we offer. Tous our items oui been collated and are certified finish unless otherwise stated. Don"t hesitation to contact us par email ; nous speak English.

Librairie Clavreuil

We also ont a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

Paris, France

Established in 1901, auto Clavreuil bookshop is situated between thé Luxembourg garden and Odéon square, in auto heart du Saint-Germain-des-Prés, neighborhood within auto famous quartier Latin in Paris. Third et fourth generation de this antiquarian booksellers family, Bernard and Stephane Clavreuil are currently running the shop et sharing thé passion for the beauty and rarity ns the antiquarian books.

Librairie courant d"Art

We also oui a brick-and-mortar store! Visit nous in:

Paris, France

We space specialised in art documentation (books, exhibitions catalogues, sale auction actalogues, magazines) and photography

Librairie ns sud

We also ont a brick-and-mortar store! Visit nous in:

Martigues, France

: Librairie du sud est spcialiste ns livre zen et occasion à Meilleur Prix. Librairie du sud Vous proposer en concède les vite DANS aux Soignes des Emballages ns 70 000 livres, auprès la garantie un vieillissement ou Rembours.


We also have a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

Paris, France

La librairie laurent Coulet vend dépense originales, la baie illustrés, manuscrits rang estampes ns Moyen Âge jusquà nos jours. Librairie généraliste, son fonds est central sur das grands textes ns la porte (Roman aux la Rose, Mme aux La Fayette, Restif, Sade, Casanova, Chateaubriand, Stendhal, Balzac, Dumas, Flaubert, Maupassant, Zola, Proust, Céline, etc.), aux la poésie (Ronsard, Hugo, Rimbaud, Verlaine, Mallarmé, Ponge, Char, etc.), ns théâtre (Corneille, Molière, Racine, Hugo, Artaud, Genet) et du la pensée français (Montaigne, la Rochefoucauld, Pascal, Voltaire, Rousseau, l"Encyclopédie, etc.), les baies à organiser (livres ns fêtes, recueils du gravures, livres du peintres, baies d"architecture, etc.), les frais reliures (reliures du armes, mosaïquées, reliures), das provenances célèbres.La libraires publie deux à trois catalogues par an, dedans lesquels eux présente ses nouvelles acquisitions. D’elles expose venir Salon de Grand Palais jusqu’à Paris ainsi qu"à londres et Bruxelles tous année.

Librairie Lecointre-Drouet

We also oui a brick-and-mortar store! Visit nous in:

Paris, France

Established in 1980, nous specialize in Art, Architecture, avant-garde et counterculture de the XX th. Century. Artist"sbooks and artist"speriodicals, rare books et periodicals, ephemera, Exhibition Catalogues, fanzines & Grapzines

Librairie michel Bouvier

We also ont a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

PARIS, France

AS je STILL think IN thé EXCITEMENT ns A book FAIR OPENING, je DON"T SEND thé LIST OR la description OF mien BOOKS avant THE OPENING.I have been an antiquarian bookseller parce que le more than 40 years, yet, carried up in auto world ns Antiques. Ma bookshop is located in the heart du Paris. My main dentrer is finding livre in any type of field the can tell a particular histoire about us et our past. Some of them space famous for their affecter on human being mind. Some others are humble witnesses of History. Je use a great reference library to support my descriptions et comments.Nota bene : I matin new conditions météorologiques this website and just preparing règlement proposals through


Bordeaux, France

ANTIQUARIAN BOOKSELLER located IN BORDEAUX, FRANCE, nous ARE committed IN OLD & RARE livres IN french : standards - Historical documents - background - law - medication - religieuse - Countries/Regions - voyager & Travels, &c..


We also ont a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

Paris, France

Specializing in archtecture et garden design, conditions météorologiques also market antiquarian litterature, travel et european mince bindings

Librairie raphael Thomas

We also have a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

RENNES, France

We are located in Rennes, capitale city de Brittany in France, since 2016. Member of SLAM and ILAB.

Libri Relives

NEBIAN, France

We are an online bookstore due to the fact that 2008, et we offer amie our le meilleur selection of rare books, old and anthique books, illustrated livre numbered... We ship to toutes les personnes destinations from France. Asking us si you ont any des questions about our products, si you want additional pictures jaune a an ext accurate translation.


Azat-le-Ris, France

"Lumineux" is a farming bookseller start-up based in France. We are primarily année English language bookseller. Our se concentrer is city France and non-UK europe countries, back of arttasters we room delighted à distribute worldwide. Our social commander is to faire un don recycling and anti-overconsumption movements; et to soutien wider access to English language livre in non-UK Europe, without auto cost du buying new. We ont two topic area specialists, une humanities et social sciences, and one scientific. Nous also sell a totally free booksourcing service à la most types de English language book. Enquiries: lumineux87

Arquian, France

Découvrez notre univers baies à tarifs réduits, nous vous proposons un taille choix, votre satisfaction est notre priorité!

Meretseger Books

Paris, France

Meretseger books offers the world"s largest choice du rare livres on Egyptology et the old Near East. Being run by année Egyptologist and book collector, Meretseger books provides experienced advice on the contents as well as help on book binding pour items either damaged or still in their original wrappers.

Moulin du Limayrac

Colombies, France

French et English secondhand books.Livres d"occasions en françaises et en anglais.

Nicolas Malais - cabinet Chaptal

We also have a brick-and-mortar store! Visit nous in:

Paris, France

We are booksellers in Paris, where our shop is situated near auto Luxembourg gardens.If elle wish venir receive ours monthly catalogs (by email) - manuscripts, annotated books, literary works up to the 20th century, curiosities & archives, you re welcome write to : librairiemalais

page 37

vouvray, France

Bouquiniste jusqu’à Tours, spécialité en livres vieille et rares.Nous amie proposons une série d"ouvrages sélectionnés pour leur rareté et/ou de toi étatNous nettoyons systématiquement toutes das reliures en cuir venir savon Breknel, l’on traitons esquive cuirs venir Glukel G et les nourrissons jusqu’à la la cire d"abeille, ils sont par conséquent pret à trouver deux place dans votre buycialistd.comtheque.

Papier Mouvant

Houilles, France

Papier Mouvant est ns librairie d"occasion en file généraliste auprès un goût prononcé pour les beaux livres, dessus l"art, en langues étrangères, rang caetera.



Based in France, I être selling ma personnal chercheur demploi of old English books.Feel free to la communication me in french or English parce que le personal inquieries about the books.Each items is carefully protected et sent in a caisse within le 3 days de purchase (weekend no included).

Philippe Cardella

Cannes, France

We sell old, used, rare and artistic livres only in french. A few livre in english, german, danish and italian. We have a beaucoup of books. Please don"t hesitation to la communication us parce que le any request.

Pierre aux Ronsard

Chédigny, France

We market customers a wide an option of livre on much more than 100 items, representing thé most varied topics likely to satisfy a majority ns readers in your research.

Pingel rare Books

We also ont a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit nous in:

Paris, France

Established in 1981 in Paris, thé bookshop specializes in rare books et maps from auto 15th to the 20th century.

Rare livres Le feu Follet -

We also have a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit us in:

Paris, France

Rare livre Le sur le feu Follet brings together a wide range du hard venir find, valuable rarement books, consisting of incunables, manuscripts, limited sapin editions, fine bindings, inscriptions books et autographs. Over 25.000 books in tous the fields of knowledge: literature, science, history, art, esoterica, philosophy, travel and more. Our livre are searchable par field of interest. We also give qualifié advice et buy rare livre - from a seul volume to a set or even en whole collection.

Republique. Non 6

Piennes, France

Small business man specializing in religious et philosophical prints

San Francisco book Company

We also oui a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit nous in:

Paris, France

A general used English langue bookstore conditions météorologiques the Left bank in Paris

Sifrey Sajet

We also ont a brick-and-mortar store! Visit nous in:

Strasbourg, France

We specialization in jewish livres in English, Hebrew and French. Si you"re looking parce que le any book, also out-of-prints, we"ll hapilly try to find it à la you at a reasonable price.

Skarstedt rare Books

We also ont a brick-and-mortar shop! Visit nous in:

Paris, France

We specialises in rare, old and curious livres on ancient and human sciences, travels, occult, and more particularly alchemy, freemasonry, philosophy, history, philosophy, rarement books, religion, sapin editions, fine de lart & architecture et oddities. Conditions météorologiques value et buy collections, successions and individual books oui long oui they are life editions jaune special.

Voir plus: Pourquoi Mon Chat A Une Boule Sous Le Menton, Mon Chat A Une Boule Sous La Peau

The Glass Key

We also ont a brick-and-mortar store! Visit nous in:

Montmorillon, France

A small general stock through a leaning to la criminalité fiction, poetry and literature.



Used contemporary books and antiquarian books, most de them in français language

Valier depicted Books

Seix, France

Internet and mail stimulate booksellers. Under auto trading name ns Valier shown Books, conditions météorologiques specialise in the sale of fine illustrated books et limited editions, both French and English, particularly from thé C20.