Marseille saison 3 date de sortie

The longtime mayor of Marseille is preparing to hand over the reins à his protégé when a sudden et ruthless battle erupts parce que le control ns the city.

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Stars gerard Depardieu et Benoît Magimel oui both won César Awards and attracted large followings in France and beyond.
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A treason ignites a bitterness war between a master politician and his hungry young protégé in this sweeping tale du corruption, seduction and revenge.

As Marseille's mayor rallies soutien for a controversial casino project, his longtime protégé prepares à take a interlocutor step.

While Barrès et Taro plot their next moves, a brutal action jolts the city. Rachel tries to find the end what elle husband is hiding.

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Mysterious un message put Taro conditions météorologiques edge as he seeks a shortcut back into thé race. Rachel struggles venir come to terms with sa new future.

With auto party in turmoil, Barrès grow bolder in his attacks. Taro makes a frighten discovery around his rival's past.

Julia confronts Lucas oui her father begins to ont second thoughts about the campaign. A jealous Eric tries à sabotage Sélim.

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An anonymous email stokes tensions between Robert et Rachel. Julia come up v a shrewd campaign ploy, if Farid tries venir rig auto vote.