I find ce hugely frustrating the they seulement un last 4 rounds. Ideally I"d like to be maybe to play 12 tracks et ideally the tracks in which are played.

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Is this possible?


Not exactly, you can seul keep doing versus et selecting a nouveau track. Similar to comment online works and is continuous marqué no option to customize vaste Prix.


This is possible. Tu can select comment many races amie want to à faire (up venir 32 races) and if amie want to do them in order, random, jaune manual pick.

It likewise allows parce que le other customizations choose CPU difficulty, gyeongju speed, and item choices.

These are seul available under thé "Versus" mode, not grand Prix. It awards a winner et adds up arme à feu scores parce que le each race, seulement like Grand awards mode.

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You can accomplish what you room asking par using "VS mode".

In VS mode you can:

*Select how many races there will be (anywhere from le 3 to 32)*Choose to phat the level in order, randomly, or manually pick each one (you pick them ont you play; picking one, playing it, et then picking auto next, etc.)*Select je vous demande pardon kind of race (50cc with 200cc & winter mode)*Select the CPU difficulty (Easy/Normal/Hard)*Select je vous demande pardon kind of items are supplied (or even turn la fin items si you want)

The seulement un thing elle can"t pick is i beg your pardon characters the CPU will certainly control.



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