We space wrapping increase our life full principale in Saint-Laurent-du-Var and though the students have been liven in a whirlwind ns activities et classes, anyone has made time to settle in venir their familles d’accueil as well as begin venir independently explore the town du about 30,000.

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Thirty students, strangers à each other parce que le the most part, come last la semaine with jet lag. Tonight, they discover themselves to be thirty friends play soccer in the town park, parc Layet, and learning about français Hip trémie music et dance at one de our main cultural et class centers, La Maison pour tous. Every week, students receive année emploi de temps detailing times parce que le classes, electives, activities, excursions, cultural events, et museums and most importantly for this group of mature students, temps libre. Auto students’ life night together included dinner follow me La promenade des flots bleus at Le Dylano followed passant par fireworks and a street boulot for the St. Pierre dur in Cagnes-Sur-Mer, the town straight west of Saint-Laurent.
Last sunday found auto students traveling along the côte d’Azur passant par train à Antibes et Juan les Pins. Countless students had actually never traveled de train before and were thrilled to aller so. In Antibes, nous visted auto Musée Picasso housed in auto same lare Picasso lived et worked à la a period, auto Château Grimaldi. Students also discovered works of de lart by Nicolas ns Staël.

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After a visit à a typical français market whereby students discovered thé smell ns fresh lavender et tasted homemade olive tapenade, conditions météorologiques continued additional west venir Juan esquive Pins where conditions météorologiques enjoyed année afternoon de kayaking, paddle boarding, sunbathing and swimming.
A great surpris was in store parce que le the group at thé end of our tour de Saint-Laurent passant par the beloved Pauline. Nous had a tour ns L’Hôtel du Ville, city Hall, and met thé mayor, prof Segura. He invited us à enjoy the view of downtown Saint-Laurent native his third-story terrace and discuss the french political system. The following day, conditions météorologiques awoke à find ourselves local celebrities de the français internet!

Le le maire Monsieur Segura avec nos élèves

Another to mark from thé week was the tons visit venir Nice, which nous traveled venir again by train, this temps going east ns Saint-Laurent. Students enjoyed a pottery lieu de travail with madame Magali and also take it advantage de some free temps to aller to auto beach or faire les soldes passant par shopping along auto well-known way Jean médecin which leads to carré Massena.

After many train trips et hours de classes, our weekend reprieve start tomorrow through a visit à Parc Aquasplash et day-trips venir Cannes and Monaco this weekend. I have no doubt as a french teacher et monitor the our college student will continuez make rapid advancements in thé language and throughly gain our upcoming activities and excursions.

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À bientôt!

Élèves avancés écoutent attentivement Maïté, une de trois profs jusqu’à St. Laurent

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