If you"ve to be fortunate enough à travel from parisien to Provence on a continual basis, you will have spent fairly a bit of temps in our favori train station, Gare ns Lyon. As soon as you"re in the main lobby you can"t help thinking the this is exactly quel a train gare should look prefer — the longue shed roof; passenger eagerly scanning auto departure board à la their surveiller numbers; les trains pulling up to the voies to take on waiting travelers.


lobby 1 at Gare de Lyon in 2006, photo de Mark handmade


Gare ns Lyon is one ns the 6 train stations serving Paris and is, venir our minds, the most evocative and most glorious, imparting a feeling du the adventure that former travel once was, and, for some of us, calmer is. We amour boarding thé TGV, settling right into our seats, et having seulement enough temps to eat a sandwich jambon and read a magazine (both de which nous bought at station kiosks) avant arriving in Provence at thé modern Avignon stations Méditerranée, where whatever clothes conditions météorologiques were wearing in parisien are simply too warm.

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Navigating Gare de Lyon

lobby 1 in 2007, photo par Mark craft

Getting to and from your former at Gare de Lyon is simple, also though the station is spread out out a bit. The henn things tu need à remember are that arrival and departure platforms (voies) are tous located on one level, et that there are deux groups ns train tracks; communication A à F situated in lobby 1, nearest to the henn entrance, and numbers 5 venir 23 in hall 2, in auto back de the station. (There is a lobby 3, downstairs, where amie find accessibility to thé RER locale trains, and the Metro.)


destinées of Gare aux Lyon with henn entry to the left, par the clock tower


lobby 1 – tracks A venir N

If you"re arriving passant par car, you will most most likely be dropped éteindre in front, at the northwest door, conditions météorologiques Place Louis-Armand, prochain to auto clock tower. This entrance takes tu directly into lobby 1, one ns the two super spaces where les trains depart and arrive.

This capacious lobby is a monument to ironwork from the very end du the 19th century, much more than 700 feet native front venir back et 140 feet wide. A huge glass roof offers natural light. Thé space is dominated by the taille departures board, surmounted par a perennial Longines ad. Oui you go in from the entry auto alphabetical platforms room spread out in front de you — A v N, from left to right, although parce que le reasons unknown to us, there is non track b or F.

We"re most acquainted with this platforms oui our arrival voies when returning to parisien from Provence, from stations Méditerranée. But, we"ve watched les trains leaving from these platforms going to emplacement like Lyon et Switzerland.


the airy lobby 2 at Gare aux Lyon, 2018, photo par Mark handmade


hall 2 – surveiller 5 to 23

Access to lobby 2 is found conditions météorologiques the left-hand côté of lobby 1, as you room facing auto tracks. There"s a super sign above thé entryway the takes you into a long gallery v shops et the ticketing bureau (called galerie des Fresques, more conditions météorologiques that in a moment) top to auto back de the station complex where amie find auto bright open an are of hall 2 through its numbered platforms. More trains depart from right here than from lobby 1. (Makes sense, since there room more tracks — nineteen or twenty in hall 2 versus a dozen in hall 1.)

It"s from here that nous catch the TGV (high vitesse, vitesse trains) to Valance, Orange, Avignon, Perpignan, and other points in southeast France; places where we à savoir the weather is going to meilleur suit our clothes. There space a coupler of gros departure board in hall 2 venir keep travelers updated nous their trains.

Using auto Departures board at Gare aux Lyon

lobby 1 departures board, 2017, photo de Mark craft

The departures board are just about the only tool you need at Gare aux Lyon.

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les trains are noted chronologically by departure time. The super board in hall 1 commonly displays toutes les personnes trains leaving in the next three hours or so. The board is separated into two sections, with the list beginning in the left section et continuing in thé right.

There"s a parcelle of informations displayed in the seven columns on the board, marqué the informations you many need is in the last tower — the laruelle or "platform" your former will be leaving from. Once a train num is first posted nous the board, the petite rue column suggests which lobby the former will depart from.

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Oz you savoir that, elle can grab your luggage and move to the indicated area. Then, about twenty minutes avant a train"s departure, thé specific petite rue is displayed. Auto instant the happens travelers who"ve been standing et staring increase at the board begin moving, wheeling their luggage to their platform.


Departures board detail


information Displayed in the Departures plank Columns TrainThe SNCF logo often appears in this column. Nothing à worry about.N°The four jaune six digit num of your train. This is important, do sure you find the exactement train alors (it"s on your ticket).HeureDeparture time, in this format: 14h25DestinationThe terminus du the train, the critique stop. If your destination station isn"t the terminus its name won"t be posted here. à la example, a TGV to Avignon is likely à list "Perpignan" oui the terminus. Don"t be confused de this — si the train alors is correct, you"re toutes les personnes set. ParticularitésDetails nous the belles of train, such ont TGV or Lyria. Nothing amie really need to worry about.This pillar has no heading, cible here tu learn si your former is conditions météorologiques time (à l"heure) or late (en retard), although the latter is fairly rare.VoieThe most important information — your leave platform. When your train is first listed this column indicates the hall you need to be in. Twenty minutes antérieur à departure the specific communication will appear here.

amie Can get There from below


Gare ns Lyon offer destinations in southeastern la france — "Provence" in thé broad feeling — and Switzerland, with différent destinations in Italy et even Spain (via Perpignan). There room also auto Transilien les trains that depart indigenous Gare du Lyon, serving locations in the paris region, but we won"t perform those towns. Below is a smallish selection of distant locations amie can with from Gare aux Lyon.

A Sampling du Destinations in Southeastern france Aix en ProvenceAvignonAntibesCannesDijonGrenobleHyèresLyonMontélimarMontpellierNicePerpignanSèteToulonValenceThe 7 Lines Going à SwitzerlandBaselBerneGenevaInterlakenLausanneNeuchatelZurichItalian DestinationsBolognaFlorenceMilanPaduaRomeVeniceVeronaVicenza

Buying former Tickets à la France & europe


Buying train tickets online that amie can print (or send to your device) is simple. It"s become sauce soja easy in recent years; instead of purchasing a chemin de fer pass, or ordering indigenous a travel agent or ticket seller, jaune having tickets mailed to you, now elle can buy conditions météorologiques line indigenous a trusted source et partner de SCNF, auto French rail network.

How basic is it? Try it — click on the connect below and you"ll it is in taken to auto easy-to-use order form. Placed in her departure et arrival stations or cities, choose auto date et time of day tu prefer… et that"s about it! At thé end of a process that bring away only minute you"ll ont your tickets (or e-tickets) in hand (or in device). We seul wish ce had to be this simple in thé past!

An considérable thing to know is the tickets pour most european routes seul become accessible three months before the travel date. For example, si you want to travel from paris Gare de Lyon à Avignon TGV (to pick a less-than-random example pour us) nous October 15, elle can book and download her tickets starting conditions météorologiques July 15.

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And so on.