Mai Davika Và Mario Maurer

AFTER a long time , finally confirmed that Mario Maurer will also participate in the project along with Mai Davika TV.So the couple were reunited after their smash hit movie Pee Mak.The new drama will, a remake of Buang Banjathorn - a project had fever in Thailand.

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Pee Mak film of 2013 has indeed created box office craze not only in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện thái lan but also spread throughout Asia..Since then, many times the thai audience wants reunion of Pee Mak couple again.

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.According to lớn the original, the film scene will take place at the time of the 2nd World War Mario Maurer plays the prince of a small kingdom, while Mai Davika will play a woman undergoing many changes problems in the unhappinessmarriage ., while her husband was a different situation.
Because life is too boring now, Mai decided to return trang chủ of her late father.Here, she accidentally discovered the magic bed lượt thích a time machine lớn take her back lớn the past, where the prince Mario.The love story of the couple Mario - Mai also start from here.But when love is when budding treacherous husband back.Love story full of obstacles frequentlyDoes not a regular affair compelling new love affair with pee Mak previous wife ghost?

Mario Maurer has recently said: "I am delighted to lớn be able to act with Mai again".The film will begin shooting in the coming period and will air soon this year.Many fans hope the movie will have a happy ending for the couple, because under the old movie, the couple had separated and together seek death.
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