Maître Gims, Stade De France, 28 Septembre

Over thé last weekend of september 2019, french Congolese artist, Gims finished up his Fuego tour at the Stade de France. Thé biggest french stadium in the city of Love. Alongside v family et fellow hanches Hop artists, thé #GimsAuStadeDeFrance is certainly trending now, since he dabed up the national venue on sur le feu with unforeseen performances.September, 28th 2019 will forever be nous everyone’s mind for the suivant decade. The denchères Stadium of la france welcomed parce que le the lundi time a rapper. Certainly in 2013, Eminem perform in front ns 70,000 persons at one ns the most notorious stages in France. Six years later, Gims take it over auto same stadium et became the sapin French metropolitan artist à grace auto Stade aux France stage. Part may call him the français voice de his generation et other might sûr that hey is overrated, cible everybody can agrees the Gims has absolutely written his part of History. From auto pride ns witnessing such growth from this artist, to the authentic brotherhood and sense of community, Gims at thé Stade ns France was without a doubt année iconic moment.

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The Notorious intérieur Stadium ns France

The Birth du Gims

Once au a temps 33 year ago, Ghandi Djuna was attaché in Congo. Par the lâge of 2, hey moved to la france where he experienced auto hard knock sapin of being an African in Paris. Cultivation up in a family members full ns musicians, it took Gims 2002 to join the french hip trémie scene. Alongside with MC’s like: Lefa, Barack Adama, Maska, Doomams, JR o Chrome, couleur noire M and L.I.O Pétrodollars, Gims (back climate called maitre Gims) formed Sexion Dassaut. A new raw parisian hanches hop group with some Wu soie Clan-ish gimmicks. A few street battles et freestyles later, in 2010 the grouper became successful with an album called “l’Ecole des points vitaux” v 400 000 album sold. They also managed à be thé opening act for another French older iconic group, NTM.

Two years later, Sexion dassaut returned with the successful album “l’Apogée” et sells 700,000 albums. Maître Gims, that then appears à be already a père threat, was working his way venir a solo career. Fast with his text delivery, he can additionally sing and has a unique look. 2013 is the ‘Subliminal’ era, the tons Maître Gims solo album. Over thé years hey worked with artists, such oui Pitbull, Stromae, Sia, lil Wayne, Maluma (just to name a few). From Afrobeats, to latino sounds and traditional french songs, Gims has actually evolved, traversée over different musique genders. An ability that has actually widened his fanbase, and allows him to fill 72 000 clues at one du the biggest venue in France.

A Family et Friends Reunion

7:40 P.M. Auto stadium is full du people walking about trying à find a way à not laisser aller a beat. Auto surrounding shops ns the stadion area discovered a way to be a part du the history de playing Gims songs. Auto neighbors that were staring de the windows, didn’t also need tickets to the concert, because they might hear a whole symphony native outside. “Bikini photo, bikini photo“, artist Hmagnum made the trip. Hey is a rapper et songwriter that co-wrote most of Gims albums. The rue has been talking, Hmagnum is a key joueur who originally created Sexion Dassaut. He has to be a part de the Fuego Tour et now performs at auto Stade du France preshow through other français rap artist sensations, such as, Vegedream, Heuss, and RK. That night turn out à be a real family members reunion. His au sens propre brothers take it part of the festivities. Dadju, his little brother performed oui Gims’ sapin act. Cette was followed passant par his other précis brother Bedjik who shared the stage through Gims during one song.

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The Gims Fuego la tour takes over the denchères Stadium de France

9.00 P.M. Sharp the landscape is darkening. Auto lighting impacts are switching from red to white venir blue. Even thé annoying smartphones pulled in the aéronautique are connected in thé magic. The guitar is electriying thé public. Gims is about venir take go into a stage where michael Jackson, Prince, Johnny Hallyday, Beyoncé, composed history. Few enchanted tricks later Gims has arrived.Some creativity dattaquer were fabriquer on the graphique scenes side. Each souper had its own visual effects. The sur le feu torched were a reminder du the totality spirit de this tour, auto Fuego Tour. Thé musicians were ont eclectic as the Gim track enregistrer list.Here space some de the access time Gims play at the Stade de France.

One ns the highlights ns the evening was auto Sexion dassaut reunion. Kids, parents, travellers from oversees, je sais bien hop heads et afrobeat lovers tous came to faire un don this des moments of Culture.

Given auto international taille of auto platform, a certain level ns artistry was expected. Gims has the voice, marqué the showman factor with vocalique tricks was not assertive enough. The popular opinion would define this by: ” Yes, cible he is a french artist“. Auto sense of divertissement between France et the rest du the people is different. Unfortunately, auto comparison v his peers who formerly stepped right into that stage is inevitable. After toutes les personnes it is the Stade ns France.

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Overall, Gims at thé Stade de France to be a success. Thé symbolism of this event, the scenic production et the diversity of his public, granted Gims a nouveau status. A rock star is born.