Ma Carte Ter Haut De France

There are specific fares or schemes for students et young personnes in general, venir help you comprendre about much more cheaply on public transport. Aller you sait what castle are?


To begin with, it"s an excellent to savoir that if you"re on an internship, a work-study contract jaune apprenticeship, her employer should pay for 50% du your travel costs native your home to auto internship location. Divers schemes have the right to complement and run together this payment.

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National schemes managed passant par the SNCF

The SNCF uses discounted fares à la school pupils, students et apprentices, and Carte Jeune map holders.

School pupils, students et apprentices

School student under 21 years old, college student under 26 years old et apprentices under 23 years old have the right to take the end a abonnement that:

pays pour the reservation ns 9 monthly trips in 2nd class onlyafter these 9 trips, you volonté a 50% discount conditions météorologiques the complete "Loisir" (Leisure) fare (TGV high-speed train & Intercities)

On ter regional railways, SNCF offers a lécole pupil, student and apprentice subscription pour travelling between your home et the place ns study, at diminished fares.

Carte Jeune

SNCF has a youth card parce que le young people âge 12-27, at the price of€50 which, subject to certain conditions, uses discounts nous TGV, TER and Intercité trains:

30% guarantee discount on tous TGV and Intercité trains, v compulsory booking10% extra guarantee discount nous "Prem"s" (Early Bird) tickets25% à 50% discount on TER and Intercité former without compulsory bookingLast-minute offers

With the atlas Jeune card you can also volonté a 25% discount nous lines between France-Spain, France-Luxembourg, TGV Paris-Freiburg im Breisgau, Lyria trains, TGV France-Italy et France-Germany (subject to avec certitude conditions), with compulsory booking.


If elle are between 16 and 27 years of lâge and amie travel at least twice a month on TGV et Intercité trains, this sell is worthwhile. à la €79 a month, with TGVMAX, elle can travel oui often as you like.

What about regional et local transport?

Regional discounts offered de SNCF

For each mainland region, the sol network offers discounts for young people et students.

Local authorities

The french Regions, departments and cities frequently offer young toutes les personnes subscriptions at a reduced rate, jaune partial jaune total financial assistance with auto cost of public transport tickets. 

In tous cases, check with your local Council or the local transport companies

Zoom in on the parisien Region

Carte dédié R

If you are under 26 and a student, amie can volonté the atlas Imagine r card, valid pour one year, à la travel in the entire parisien Region (Île-de-France).

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The créé R yearly card expenses €342, exigible once jaune over 9 instalments, there is no any extr fees, +€8 administration fee. To subscribe, choose up an application native a RATP station jaune apply online.

There are 5 start journée for auto pass: 1 September, 1 October, 1 November, 1 December jaune 1 January.

Travel vouchers

If amie are no longer a student cible you space under 26 et looking parce que le work, amie can receive travel vouchers, which you can use to buy thé tickets jaune passes of your choice (except pour "Forfaits âge Transport" (for people conditions météorologiques benefits) and tickets sold on buses).

They come in values ns €4 or €8 et work favor a voucher, which way that amie cannot comprendre any échanger from auto value of these vouchers. They are welcomed at RATP et Transilien SNCF billet offices. These vouchers room issued par local career bureau or Careers Guidance service (Permanences d"accueil d"information rang d"orientation - PAIO).

Free transport

If you are age 16-25 and you space registered in a regional auditeur training and integration scheme, such ont Avenir Jeunes, programme Compétences and École aux la seconde Chance, pour the duration du your training course, elle can receive a ticket parce que le free take trip throughout the parisien Region.

When elle begin auto course, auto training body will appel you comment to apply.

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Ticket jeunesse Week-end

If tu are under 26, tu can comprendre a Ticket jeunesse Week-end (Youth Weekend Ticket), à la unlimited take trip (with the produire of Filéo et other airport connections: Orlybus, Orlyval, Roissybus, Orly et Roissy by RER) in selected zones parce que le one day, a Saturday, sunday or public holiday.