Banh cuon tay ho, ho chi minh city

Banh Cuon – Northern Vietnamese noodle rolls

Banh cuon, or Vietnamese noodle rolls, are yet another delicious food khổng lồ try in Vietnam.

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Although banh cuon is a northern Vietnamese dish, it’s widely available throughout the south as well, & you’ll find it frequently throughout Saigon.

When it comes to lớn a light meal or a snack, banh cuon is one of my favorite things lớn eat in Vietnam.

During my trip to Saigon, there was a restaurant just down the road from where I was staying, called Banh Cuon hai Nam, and due its location, I ate there a number of times.

Making the noodlesWhat is banh cuon?

Banh cuon literally translates to rolled cakes, but I like to hotline them noodle roll-ups.

The dish begins with a batter, which is made from a combination of rice flour & tapioca starch. The flour ingredients are mixed with water and allowed khổng lồ rest, should be overnight, so that it has just a hint of fermentation sourness to it.

Along with the batter, the other part of banh cuon is the filling, typically a mixture of minced pork & wood ear mushrooms.

In order khổng lồ make banh cuon, a pot is mix up with water in the bottom, & a cloth is stretched over the mouth.

Vietnamese noodle rolls

The batter is scooped onto the cloth, spread evenly, and then steamed from the water below.

In just a few moments, the batter is fully steamed and transforms from liquid into a giant round shaped thin noodle.

The noodle is then grabbed with a stick, filled with the filling mixture, then wrapped up in a noodle roll-up.

The process may sound pretty easy, but it definitely takes some serious skill to lớn master (make sure you watch the đoạn phim if you haven’t already).

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Outside view of Bánh Cuốn Hải NamBánh Cuốn Hải NamLike I mentioned above, banh cuon is actually a northern Vietnamese dish, but you’ll notice it all over Saigon as well.

When I was walking around, I saw it at numerous local markets và street food stalls, và also at many restaurants that specialize in it.

One of the well-known restaurants in Saigon that serves banh cuon is Bánh Cuốn Hải Nam.

The menuThe menu

The menu at Banh Cuon nhị Nam included quite a few different Vietnamese dishes, all sorts of noodle và roll dishes, but I think by far the main thing they sell, and what they’ve really made a name for is banh cuon.

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One of the convenient things about the restaurant is that the menu is printed in Vietnamese but includes English descriptions to lớn make it easier khổng lồ order.

Plate of banh cuon at Banh Cuon hai NamBanh cuon

The first thing I ordered was their normal plate of banh cuon, which I think anyone who walks in the door of the restaurant automatically orders.

The plate included two pretty decent sized noodle rolls, filled with a generous supply of the minced meat filling, then topped with a handful of shredded lettuce và blanched bean sprouts, & finally a sprinkle of fragrant crispy shallots.

Price – 30 VND ($1.38)

Crispy shallots are always a good idea

In addition lớn the noodle rolls, they came with a side plate of Vietnamese ham mê or sausage called thân phụ lua. The phụ thân lua was alright, but to lớn me the best part are the rolls.

Finally, banh cuon wouldn’t be complete without sauce. The sauce, known as nuoc cham, is a sweet type of Vietnamese fish sauce.

It was salty, and sweet, và you don’t want lớn miss adding some fresh crushed chilies khổng lồ your sauce as well.

Can you see my banh cuon sweating?

Dipping bites of banh cuon into the sweet fish sauce and chilies was marvelous.

The noodle wrappers were soft và silky, while the meat filling was salty and I could taste the fragrance of the mushrooms. Additionally, I think crispy shallots are one of my favorite flavor enhancing ingredients in the world.

The banh cuon at Banh Cuon nhị Nam was overall quite good.

Banh beo in SaigonBanh beo

Along with my plate of banh cuon, I also decided to lớn try their version of banh beo, Vietnamese water fern cakes.

Unlike the banh cuon that came in a thin wrapper, banh beo is more lượt thích a thick pancake, but much more creamy and sticky.

The batter had a real coconut milk flavor lớn it, and it was kind of the consistency of a thickened pudding.

Price – 38,000 VND ($1.75)

Water fern cakes

On đứng top was the same mixture of minced pork và wood ear mushrooms, & then I think the yellow topping was some kind of dried shrimp.

It was pretty good, but not as good to me as the banh cuon.

The continual flow of traffic outside the restaurant

To see banh cuon being made & to get delicious views of the food, watch the video below:

(If you can’t see the video, watch it here)


Banh Cuon hai Nam is a well known restaurant in Saigon that serves banh cuon, northern Vietnamese noodle rolls.

After the thin sheet noodles are steamed, they are filled with a mixture of minced pork and wood ear mushrooms, wrapped up into rolls, và served with a sweet fish sauce dressing.

Overall, Banh Cuon nhị Nam is a nice place to try banh cuon in Saigon, in a clean indoor setting.

Banh Cuon nhì Nam

Address: 11A Cao Thắng, District 3, Ho bỏ ra Minh City, VietnamOpen hours: 7:30 am – 10:45 pm daily, makes a great snack restaurant or light meal spotPrice: 30,000 VND ($1.38) for a plate of their normal banh cuon

For the map, click on “Banh Cuon nhì Nam” to see the location:

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